Kind of a silly question...chip dip

This is kind of a silly question, but I’ve been wondering about it for awhile. There is a very good potato chip dip called “Heluva Good” dip. But I’ve hesitated to buy it recently because of the name. I don’t think it would be a mortal sin to buy it, but maybe a venial sin…thoughts? Am I contributing to taking the concept (or should I say the reality) of hell lightly if I buy this dip? I’ve tried to find another brand, but I can’t find anything quite like it. Thoughts?

My thoughts are…

are you for real?? :confused::confused::shrug:

Please, I can not see how this should even be an issue. Do you REALLY think God cares what kind of chip dip you buy?

I suggest that you talk to your priest. Living your life worrying if your chip dip is sinful is not exactly what I think Jesus had in mind for us.

Dismiss the thought. :slight_smile:

Hell, is not a Holy name. Period. There is no sin here at all. You are not lessening the sacredness of the name of damnation. :shrug: However, there was a Chili that I liked to cook and it’s name was d@%^ Good Chili. They must have had some blowback because they changed the name a couple of years later to darn good chili mix.

Bad marketing? Perhaps. Sinful? Nope.

Pax Christi!

Kind of a silly question? No. Heluva silly question.

God bless.

Veronica, This is scrupulous thinking.

Hello Veronica, yes it is a silly question. But it’s o k. To think silly things,
It’s part of our makeup as human beings, once people thought silly things like,
Let’s try and fly like a bird, they created all kinds of contraptions , till eventually we got it right
Now people fly all over the world, the thing about silly ideas is we must try to keep things in perspective , seeing something in a brand name or product name then reinventing that word into another meaning is not a good idea, just enjoy those products for what they are,


Laugh if you want but the first time I saw the brand Heluva on the deli shelf at our store I actually thought it was a Jewish name! Think about it and pronouce it slowly with a little mucus behind it! :yup: :wave: :doh2: :blushing: No kidding.


Yes, exceedingly so.:confused:

oy vey!! :shrug:

Call me krazy, but I would not buy 'em because of the name, lol…but I don’t eat chips, anyways, so it’s a moot point.

(I simply think the name is in poor taste, snobbish of me, perhaps, in a way, but hey it’s America and this is capitalism.)

To me, the biggest sin is that you like that dip; that stuff is terrible!


I get it. I really do understand why you wouldn’t want to bring something into your home that in anyway could relate to Hell.

Sometimes we are silly when it comes to things we have no hard or fast rules for. But we do need to be careful not too get carried away. The nice thing about our Holy Church is that is doesn’t have a list of do nots for venial sins. We have to use our best judgment based on what we know of sin from the Catechism
and know that in avoiding sin we must also be careful not to commit scrupulosity.
Here is an explanation of Scrupulosity

That said. Don’t beat yourself up over the harshness of some of these posts. I bought a Dirt Devil handy vac and scraped off the word “Devil” because I didn’t want my very small children exposed to the word with a positive connotation. We do our best.

We have a rule at our house that we don’t do business with people who can’t spell their own names. The proper spelling is "Hell of a … " *not *“Helluva” :rolleyes:


Perhaps I’ve added another layer of scrupulosity to your dilemma, but I thought I would just throw that out there. :smiley:


And what about this fellow?

We have a store here, in Mexico, which I actually LOVE! However, it’s called, “La Barata”, and its symbol is a little devil. I was thinking, “WHY do they have to do that?” Anyway, they say it’s a little devil, because it charges such cheap prices.

I don’t care for the devil, but I do shop there. If you enjoy your chip dip, go for it! :thumbsup:

Oh…you think THAT’S something, you should see some of the nativity scenes here in Mexico…which actually include, a devil! Also, they have a Christmas tradition, likewise, has a devil in there. I guess they don´t feel it’d be complete without.

So, actually, you’re good! :thumbsup:


Ya’ all…stop cussing! :wink:

I guess you don’t have a future hockey player in the house then… Hockey has long had a relationship with HE double HOCKEYSTICKS. You see there is a team in New Jersey Named the Devils. Not kidding! How in the heck could NEW JERSEY end up with a team called the Devils? I guess when hell freezes over…
Now for the ultimate. There is a player, called, get this… Satan.

I guess you are not a fan of the Duke Blue Devils or tampa Bay Devil Rays either…:stuck_out_tongue:

The Devil and his domain has also been made the fool in several works of literature. THe Screwtape Letters, and the Divine Comedy are obvious entries. Dante did a masterful job of commenting on politics and theology in his work. And Lewis did an excellent job of getting his point across. And in the Bible, the book of Job makes a point using Satan as a character.

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