Kind of confused as too what this means?

Ok so coming out of mass today there is a man who is training to become a priest and I have talked to him he seems like an alright guy, quite funny and such, but anyway he was greeting people as we was leaving and when he got too me, he shook my hand and said something like “And heres the Holy Joe”, at least that’s what I thought he said.
“Then he said this one’s probably twice as Holy as me”
When my mother asked him why was I twice as Holy as him, he responded with something along the lines of,
“Theres something bout him, like the way he looks, almost like Holy rays”
Then my Mum said I was fairly religious and set in my beliefs.
Then he talked about Religion could be seen lots of rules and regulations and said faith sounds better as it is more about belief.

But when he said about being Holy, does that mean I have to become a priest, or I should become a priest as people think I am holy?
I mean I sometimes feel like I might be offending God, because I don’t want to be a priest I want to have my own family of my own flesh and blood, I said to the trainee priest and he asked how many children would I like to have, I answered and he said he wanted to have 5.
Now this kinda is worrying me a little as I know this may sound shallow or wrong but I don’t want to be a priest, I want too as I said have a family it’s the only thing I can think of which I actually want to accomplish in my life that matters to me, and the fact that he said he used to want to have kids is kind of worrying me that I am going to become something that I don’t want to become.
But by doing this I am worrying that I am offending God, and before any of you says talk to your priest about it, my normal priest is in South Africa at the moment and I’m not the best at trusting people, so yes.

So any advice would be great.

He is a seminarian. Most likely he is commenting on the habits he has noticed in you. Most likely he does not have the supernatural gift of knowing your vocation. God knows that, and hopefully you are in conversation with God about who He is calling you to be.

There are many paths of holiness. Look at the saints. We have holy parents: Mary and Joseph; Joachim and Anna; Louis and Zellie Martin; etc. We have holy single people: Dorothy Day, Jacques Maritan, etc. We have many lay organizations that help single and married people live out their vocations. We have a myriad of religious orders who have lay associations like Benedictine Oblates.

Take your time, spend time with the Lord in prayer, and He will lead you.

There is the possibility that He is calling you to be a priest. Be open to His will in all things.

In my opinion, people do not become priests because others think they are holy, but because they have come to the belief, after some time of prayer and reflection, that God is calling them to the priesthood.

Do you not believe we are all called to be holy? It is our baptismal call. Fathers and spouses are also called to be holy.

When it comes to discerning your vocation, take time with that.

It may well be that your calling is to have a family that you raise in the faith and do your best to provide for and instruct. If you’re interested in learning more about other paths of life, go to talk about a vocation, be it as a priest, deacon, friar, monk, or some other such path. Of course, as a deacon one can have a family anyhow.

I wouldn’t let this worry you. All people are called to holiness, married, single, and religious alike. Don’t forget that marriage is a sacrament too. If you feel called to married life as I did, then I would continue down that path.

I think the call to the priesthood or religious life (from what I’ve observed and heard over many years) is quite distinct. Not everyone who is “holy” and has an “aura” (as this young man described, and he may just have this gift of discernment and is too young to know you can’t just blurt this stuff out) is intended for religious life. You are also a candidate to be a wonderful husband and life partner and a fabulous father.

You’re not cheating God or somehow denying Him, not with these serious and important reservations about being a priest. His ministry for you may be as husband/father and (at some point as you mature) perhaps a deacon or a leader of a church group, who knows?

I’d talk to your confessor about these feelings you’re having. Who better to discuss them with than a priest who has encountered them himself? Don’t let your connection to the Lord diminish. There are millions not in the religious life who have special connection. This Sunday’s gospel talks about that: read it and think it through in terms of your situation. Your “gifts” are different, but equally important, in the faith.

The Church needs holy husbands and fathers as much as it needs holy priests. If God is putting it in your heart to be a husband and father, that vocation is what you should follow. If He wants you to be a priest, He will put that desire there.

I once told a young man I thought he should be a priest. Boy was I wrong. :blush:

This don’t mean you have to become a priest. However pray about it. God’s will is more important than yours. It may be priesthood and that’s great; it may be marriage and that’s great to. Whatever your vocation is be holy and become a saint because that is what you are born to be.

Answering a call to a religious vocation, whether it be the priesthood or religious brother is not something you make a decision overnight. Its a long tedious process called discernment. Proper discernment must not be rushed - it must be allowed to take its course however long it may take. I’m doing this now (discerning) and trust me - its been something in the back of my mind for over 12 years. The call to a vocation is a very distinct experience and not something that other people can influence you to do - they can inspire you but not influence. The feeling really comes from deep inside - a feeling of the Holy Spirit working inside you.

Don’t fret on what the seminarian said, he was probably just making idle chat. Even those who were called to a vocation and decided not to answer was not cheating God. Our Lord understands that some will accept the call and some wont. The main thing is to maintain and nurture your relationship with our Lord - whether it is through the Sacrament of Matrimony or, if it is the calling, Holy Orders. The other thing is be open to how the Holy Spirit is working in your life - only when you allow Him, is when you will understand what you are suppose to do with your life.

Just to give you an idea - 1 to 2 years of personal discernment prior to answering the call to a religious vocation is usually the norm. It takes time and a lot of prayers! :gopray2:

If you are still a bit confused about it and its bothering you - a spiritual director would be the best place to start to unravel these feelings. :thumbsup:

- Dominus Vobiscum!

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