Kind of creeping me out


I’ve noticed that I seem much more tired lately than usual. My mother said today she took a nap and woke up much later than she expected…then my grandmother said she has been very tired lately. How very odd…we are currently going through the last few weeks of winter and just got a snow storm after a week of warmer weather. Could this be a factor?:confused:


I think so. I’ve been exhausted this past week, as has just about everyone I know. I think we’re all sick of cold and dark.

Or maybe there’s a government conspiracy to put sedatives in our water. Where are Mulder and Scully when we need them? :wink:


**LOL, I don’t drink the water, so it must be the weather;) **

I have noticed patterns like this all winter (me, my mom, my sister etc all complaining of being extra tired at the same time)…



Oh absolutely - I feel much more lethargic in bad weather. Even the odd rainy summer day! Just a lack of that energising sunshine I guess.

Make sure you eat healthy - or take multivitamins at least, especially B vitamins, iron and zinc :slight_smile:


If you are all together in the same home, you might want to check and see if you are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. If you just turned the heat back on after having had it off for a while, that could be your problem.


I would think it is a factor.
I have been sleeping SO MUCH this winter.
And we have been getting hit with plenty of the white stuff.
I almost feel like a bear or somethiing.
I think people like you and me will get our second wind when spring comes.
And March is almost here.
So hang in there!
Know that you are not the only one!
I thought it is rediculous how much I have been sleeping and then I thought…
I wouldn’t be if I didn’t need it, right?
Just hang in there.


get a CO check, call your fire dept. first thing, esp. if anyone is also reporting headaches or other symptoms, crack some windows, open the doors for a while until this is done.


Perhaps you are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The women in my family seem to be prone to this, to greater or lesser degrees. My grandmother always disliked the winter, and my mother and I both have found that our anxiety/depression symptoms tend to be worse in bad weather. Excessive tiredness/sleeping is a common symptom of SAD. This may be what’s going on.

Mary Jo


My grandmother does not live with us but good gracious what is carbon monoxide poisoning? It’s late right now, my mom is in bed and I would not know how to investigate that possibility.:confused:


Here is some info for you:

If you are in different homes, that might not be the problem. Does your family have a carbon monoxide detector?


Thank you very much for the info. No, we don’t have one of those detectors but I certainly want to get one now. Thank you.:thumbsup:


It’s the Long Winter’s Nap! :smiley:

Even I’ve taken a few snoozes early when I’m under the blankets a little too long. My mom feels like sleeping at 6pm the moment it starts getting dark at 5:30pm after turning the clocks back, so it’s all fall/winter long.


It has been very hot here, 40 degrees celsius (not sure what that is in farenheight) on some days. One night it was 35 degrees most of the night! YUK!
THESE are the days I just want to sleep! Too hot to do anything and it makes you feel sooo tired. I love the winter, least I have energy to do things!


You can google it - i.e., 40C to F

40C = 104F
35C = 95F

Sounds like a typical Baltimore summer day in July during a heatwave. :slight_smile:

I’m the opposite. Cold air makes me want to snuggle in a blanket and sleep. Hot air makes me want to work.


Not to be nasty, but lack of exercise will make us lethargic! Hang in there, spring is near!!!

But in all sincerity, check your CO levels.


I think you might be right on ( and not the least bit nasty) Getting out and exercising is a great way to beat the winter doldrums. Swimming in particular can be a great escape from winter. If you don’t have a club, community center or YMCA where you can work out/swim, try strolling around a well-lit local mall–just avoid the food court.


Me too!! I have felt much more tired lately and I do at this time each year, even when I get a good nights sleep I still feel like I could use a nap in the afternoon and I must make myself keep going so I don’t sleep and ruin my night sleep pattern.

I think it is the weather and unless it would last for a long time I would not get too worried about it.


I always have trouble sleeping around the spring and fall equinoxes. No biggie; just the change of seasons changing the light through my window.


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