Kind of lied to boss - is this a sin?

I work as an assistant part-time, and my boss is flexible with my hours. I am looking for a job that pays more , because I really need the money right now so I have been applying to jobs. I have an interview today at 4pm that I rescheduled, and I figured I could still work and then leave early to go to my interview. But, I kinda woke up late and my work is not that close (half hour at least) and I felt it wouldn’t be worth it to not work maybe 4 hours or so. I asked my boss if I could have the day off and maybe work tmrw instead (which tmrw is technically my day that I take off). He said ‘yes, u ok’ and I told yea and that I was just really tired today. I feel bad now, because even though I was tired in the morning that really want the real reason. Was this a mortal sin?


These types of situations are hard. We know that it is important to be honest, but we also know that sharing certain types information in certain situations could jeopardize our own safety or security.

Here’s my opinion on the matter. It doesn’t seem to me that it is a mortal sin. Remember, mortal sins are like turning our back on God. They are very severe. You situation seems to fall more in the “white lie” category in my opinion. It’s not harmless, but it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for these types of situations.

If I were in your situation, I would have said that I have an important personal matter and asked for the day off for that reason. Most people can respect the fact that people can’t always share what is going on in their lives. At that point, it’s up to your boss to trust your judgement.

I hope my thoughts help!


Does your boss understand your situation?

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