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Ok, so this is the second time I have posted on here tonight. For those of you that read, I contacted my priest. I introduced myself over the internet. I have never met him in person. I’ve only seen him during mass. I told him of my interest in becoming a priest. Will he look down on me for this and think I am a young, naive idiot for not talking to him in person. This was really the only option to build a connection. I need to contact him in private, because my parents are always around. Will he be annoyed or overjoyed that I have an interest in the priesthood? Thanks…

Pope Francis has a Twitter account.

Here is the Pope’s most recent Tweet:

“One cannot separate Christ and the Church. The grace of Baptism gives us the joy of following Christ in and with the Church.”

While I cannot tell you whether your priest will be annoyed or overjoyed at your email,
I can tell you that God is pleased to see that you are reaching out.

Follow Christ and you’re on the right path.

Will he be annoyed or overjoyed that I have an interest in the priesthood?

As somebody on the other thread, if he’s worth his (holy) salt,he will be delighted to receive your e-mail and at your interest in the priesthood. Speaking from experience, vocations are a scary thing and so I think that priests (and particularly vocations directors, but also parish priests) are probably used to receiving enquiries which might otherwise seem slightly odd. As an example, here’s the text of an e-mail I once sent to a vocations director:

Dear Fr X

I would like to arrange a time to meet with you to discuss my vocation to the priesthood. I appreciate that this probably seems somewhat direct but my background and personal circumstances are a bit too involved to be covered adequately in an e-mail. I am of course more than happy to talk about them over the phone if you prefer and can be reached on my mobile ******* or on ********. I look forward to arranging a time to meet with you. I am
available most weekdays either first thing in the morning or in the evening. I am also available at any time on the weekends.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Also, be honest and upfront with your parents.

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