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Hi all, I live in the UK and have been looking on Amazon Kindle for a bible I can download, however, there are so many bibles to choose from and I have no idea which are catholic. I have looked online for help and the subject gets so confused with differing points of view so can anyone just give me the plain and simple version for UK catholics, just in case that matters , I’d be really grateful for some simple advice without the confusing differing opinions, really grateful for some help, thank you


Here you go:


I’m using the Ignatius Bible on my own Kindle, but I can’t seem to find it on Amazon UK (I grew up in the US and now live in France; this Bible is available on Amazon in both of those countries). Perhaps you are more clever than I, and will thus have more success.

The first page after the cover says (among other things) “The original Catholic edition of the RSV translation was prepared by the Catholic Biblical Association of Great Britain,” so I imagine you’d be good to go with this translation in the UK.


Yes, that’s the one. However, as I stated in my own response I can’t find this on Amazon UK. Unless I’m mistaken, Kindle users can only buy titles on the Amazon site in their own country. I’ve never been able to buy anything for my Kindle from


Hi all, thanks for taking the time to reply. As I am in the UK this is not available on Kindle which is a real shame so I really need to find a Catholic bible for Kindle available in the UK,
Many thanks


I would recommend the following English translations:

Good News Translation - Catholic Edition

You can also purchase Truth & Life Audio Bible for

God Bless


Use an app on your Kindle.
There are may more choices of Catholic Bibles that way.


Hi all, an app is probably the best way to go, could anyone recommend a Catholic android app as I really need some pointers, I just get so overwhelmed by the choice and I really have no idea which are catholic,
Thanks again


Here’s a great one:

also the Ignatius Study Bible


Amazon UK does not sell the a complete version of the Ignatius Bible (RSV-2CE) in the Kindle ebook format, but they do sell the Ignatius New Testament Study Bible (RSV-2CE) by Scott Hahn in the Kindle format. Again, this is ONLY the New Testament:


The following are fine Catholic editions of the Bible in Kindle format that’s available on Amazon UK:

The Oxford Catholic Study Bible (3rd Edition) (NABRE):

The New Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition (NRSV-CE):

The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (New Testament ONLY) (RSV-2CE NT):


Hi, thank you for all your help, will be checking these links out later,
Much appreciated


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