Kindle Fire recommendations

My wife & I just got a Kindle Fire. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for books, apps, etc. I downloaded the Confession app, which seems pretty cool although I haven’t had an opportunity to give it a real world trial. I have a bunch of books I’d downloaded previously, and have gotten some apps for the kids. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for other Catholic apps. I’m also trying to decide on a Kindle Bible to download. I’ve gotten a handful of recommendations but was leaning toward the NABRE one.

We also have an Amazon Prime membership so I’m able to use the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. The biggest problem I’ve seen with that so far is that the selection isn’t the best and there’s a ton of what can only be described as porn in some of the categories. If anyone has any recommendations there, I’d love to hear them.

There’s an app called Catholic One that you might find helpful. Unfortunately I haven’t yet found anything like an equivalent of iPieta for iOS.

Note, the Catholic One app recently had a name change. The new name is: Laudate. Here is a link for you to install it on your Kindle Fire. I use it on my Android phone.

I just got one too. I haven’t got any cool apps yet so I’m curious to see what other people say. I am reading Catherine of Siena the Diologue- it is excellent!
And only 99 cents! Then it popped up a bunch of recommendations for me based on that book which I want to read, all 99 cents or so.
Still figuring out how to use!

I downloaded Laudate this morning and used it to pray the Rosary. I like it more than the Kindle-formatted rosary that I’d downloaded previously, especially the way it gives you warnings to pray in the correct order if you click on the wrong bead (which happened a bunch since I was pretty tired this morning). I haven’t had a chance to check out its other features.

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