Kindle Fire users.. apps?

What Kindle Fire apps do you like?

(not interested in Fire vs ipad comments…)

I love my Kindle Fire. It suits all my needs.

Apps I like:

Netflix - lets me watch movies and TV shows with an earpiece if I don’t want to watch what my wife and kids are watching on TV.

Gear of the Day - daily deals on outdoors supplies from online dealers. I buy a lot of camping stuff.

Hulu Plus for Kindle

CatholicVote - Daily selection of news stories on Catholicism and Politics

Twitter - I don’t want to waste my time seeing endless tweets on my phone, but can quickly scan through friends’ tweets when I have time and nothing else constructive to do.

Trail to Eagle - tracks my sons’ Boy Scout requirements, plus all the current requirements for any merit badge.

IMDB - I’m a movie geek, so it;s handy to quickly look up cast, crew, soundtrack listings, trivia, etc., about any movie.

MapQuest - handy for route selection

iHeartRadio - handy app - can pull up radio stations from all over the country and listen live to them, can search by city and genre. TuneinRadio does the same, can pull up Catholic Radio Stations like Immaculate Heart Radio. Nice if I want to listen to talk radio in another city.

The Weather Channel and the Accuweather ap- useful for weather forecasts in every city. Plus, I have a neurotic desire to know exactly when the sun will rise and set.

aTilt - the only real game I play. Kind of addictive.

eVotions: John Paul II - Prayers, writings, photos, videos.

Flixster - pulls up local movie locations and show times.

I just recently purchased a NOOK Tablet … interested in other apps from all.

I use:
My local library to download books
Barnes & Noble Store

I just got my K/Fire and discovered I had to put a wi-fi router on my p.c. to use the web capabilities.

I got a free book on … getting free books. I’m working my way through that.

I downloaded a free book by K. Vonnegut, something like “Basic Training.” (a novella) Having spent most of my free time reading Bible commentaries for several years, I feel guilty reading fiction – which I’ve avoided most of my life, by very deliberate choice. But, it is entertaining to read it this way.

yes, the public library collection is also free, real books. But, somehow I am intrigued by this “new” medium.

If I find a pyramid solitaire ap, I’ll never be heard from or seen again, as hooked as I am on that.

I downloaded the weather channel ap, for a quick weather update. It may be tempting to download a movie, if the price is right.

Crumpy, you might like to check in the book store on your Kindle Fire and type in “Catholic” One of the nice things about Kindle is that they have thousands of free books in the public domain that have fallen out of copyright. There are lots of classics, and lesser known books.

On my Kindle, I’ve been reading the works of Robert Hughes Benson, a Catholic priest (and Anglican convert - his father was the Archbishop of Canterbury) who wrote both apologetics works (“Paradoxes of Catholicism” and “By What Authority”) and Science Fiction / Fantasy - his 1907 novel “The King of the World,” set in a near-future where the Catholic Church has been outlawed, and an individual who may be the anti-Christ is ascending in power - is very spooky and powerful - sort of a Catholic version of those “Left Behind” novels His novel “The Necromancers” looks at the dangers of the occult and spiritualism. All free on Kindle. You can also find many of the works of G.K. Chesterton on there for free.

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