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So I have basically decided that if I am going to get an e-reader it is going to be the Kindle. However, that is if I get an e-reader at all. I was reading some of the reviews on Amazon about the Kindle and one thing that concerned me (and was found in the majority of negative reviews) was the practice of Amazon taking books back after you had purchased them because the publisher had pulled the format. This was very concerning to me (even though the reviewers said that Amazon refunded them).

So my question is; is this still a practice of Amazon?

Also as a side note, does anyone else see the irony in the fact that the book which people were complaining about being taken back by Amazon was Orwell’s 1984? :o

Thanks and God bless

I love my Kindle and have had no problems with any of the books I have purchased being “recalled.”

Yea it definitly sounds like the e-reader to go with if you are going to get one (that was my conclusion any way) but if this practice is still going on it is a no deal for me. I would rather go with no e-reader at all.

So as far as you know it is still Amazon policy? I have to be honest, this would be a deal breaker for me. Sure the Kindle books are less expensive than their paper version, but at least with the paper verson you get to keep them. I would rather spend the few extra bucks and know that I get the book. Amazon won’t come into your house and take them back… at least I hope they don’t figure that out.

You can read some of the reviews for yourself. It is a documented problem. I am just wondering if Amazon has stopped this practice:

I searched the internet and found these articles on it:

God bless

This, as far as I am aware of only happened with one authors books that was being sold without the proper permission. It has not happened since. I do own those two books on my kindle and have not had them taken back.

I love my kindle, I have the kindle 1, and I highly recommend it.

I also wanted to add that since I love the classics more than the newer books, I get most of my books for free. I have over 300 books right now and I would guess I have only spent about thirty to forty dollars on books.:slight_smile:

And you just listed my biggest reason for choosing the Kindle (if I get an e-reader at all); free classics! :yup: So Amazon has come out with a statement that they will not do this in the future, or are you saying it just hasn’t happened since? There is a difference. I was hoping that maybe the owners of the Kindle were sent something by Amazon, or heard that Amazon had said, that they will not be doing this kind of thing in the future.

If it happened once, it can happen again, unless Amazon specifically said it would not happen again.

God bless

Well of course with all things down electronically this could always happen. But kindle did state that they will not ever do this again. I can understand that when it happened it was a mistake and someone acted really fast without thinking things through. Remember that e-books are relatively new and these companies need to make some mistakes to learn how to do things correctly and I think that was most definitely one of those mistakes.

That is what I needed to hear :thumbsup:

Thank you and God bless

Anyone have any thoughts on the new Barnes and Nobel “nook”?

I think this looks better than the kindle, but I’m not sure.

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I have also been thinking of getting an e-reader & I may go with the Nook.
As for free classics I think what the Kindle has – or any other reader is all public-domain that you could d/l from Gutenberg or elsewhere for yourself.

I am a Kindle lover and have never had any books cancelled. In fact, the furor over 1984 resulted in Amazon putting it back. I would highly recommend it, not only for classics (most cost nothing) but for Catholic Religious books. Some are very inexpensive. I love have classic books on mine because I am a picky reader, and love to have them there so I can read whenever I want to. I have even downloaded the Duay-Rheims Bible and The Lives of the Saints. You can take it anywhere, and I love taking it to a doctor’s office while I wait. It also features audio reading!

The only thing I wish it had was a back light. However, if you buy a “skin” for it, you can also buy a book light which will fit on it. Another thing I like is you can make the type larger (for us seniors and it automatically bookmarks the last page you have read on any book.

I highly recommend this!

Huge library. Holds a ton of books. Books are cheaper than in the store

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