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OK, so I broke down and bought a kindle. I’m a serious bookworm but less than a techno-phile so I’ve talked myself out of it.

Now I need to know what to put on it and if there are particular versions of things to look for.

For instance, I found the Divine Office for free but one of the Amazon reviews on it said it had no TOC or search capabilities…not sure how one finds a particular day’s readings with that…

I did get the Ignatius RSV (same one I use in paper) and some classics I enjoy returning to.
Thinking the ECF would be good to have.

Any other ideas? Any Reviews on kindle?

I would recommend the 99 cent self pubs or the give aways by authors trying to get established. There’s quite a few sucess stories out there including two self pubs being made into movies…one is Water for Elephants, I think.

Go to Project Gutenberg for lots of free ebooks. These are all books that are no longer protected by copyright. I download .mobi files for my Kindle DX. You can fill your kindle with classics and it doesn't cost a penny.

Also, if your kindle takes pdf files, go to Google Books and search for free ebooks. Download the pdf files.

I have the Compendium to The Catechism to the Catholic Church that I got free on mine (I think from the Vatican website, have had it for a while), it is searchable. Amazon has a few free games, word games like shuffled row and every word. I have a book on the Rosary by Florence Louisa Barclay, it was free but I can't remember where I go it probably amazon so you can check there first.

Yes I forgot about Project Gutenburg I got a few things there. I don’t like to read PDFs on mine, if you are like me you can download Calibre on you PC and convert your PDFs into .mobi to be read on your kindle.

I like the website On the top right hand side of the webpage it says, "GET NOTIFIED WHEN FREE TITLES ARE ADDED". All you do is enter your email address there, and they will send you an email once in the morning and once in the evening if there are new free books available. It's awesome. Also, if you want a book, but don't like the price you can click on there "Kindle Price Drops" tab and enter the book info and how much you would like it to drop in price. If the book ever goes down in price, it will alert you in an email.

Also, I just found out recently that the Kindle will finally be getting library access to the public libraries that have Overdrive. I'm super excited about this.

Have fun with your new Kindle.:)

There are lots of Latin books available, some of them free; I downloaded them on my PC version of Kindle. I'm thinking of getting a real Kindle like you have, though.

You can borrow kindle books for 2 weeks. Your kindle must be registered and you have an amazon account.

I've had a Kindle since November 2010 and I'd like some good recommendations, too.

I have the DouhyReheims (sp?) bible,Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary **by Anne Catherine Emmerich (which I found in the Kindle store while looking for a Catholic bible!). I bought Scott and Kimberly Hahn's conversion book **Rome Sweet Rome, I also bought Mass of the Early Christians by Mike Aquliana. I bought the Didache. I am trying to decide if I want to buy **Mass as Heaven on Earth, **another Scott Hahn book.

If there's a book you want that is not available on Kindle, you can click a button to send a "message" to Amazon that will be sent on to the publisher requesting the book be made available on Kindle. I have requested a few books this way. They aren't on Kindle yet, but I have hope they will be some day....

OK, so I have collected a lot of the Popular Patristics series over the years. Unlike most other books, the price difference between printed and kindle is not all that much – and they’re already pretty steep as far as early church fathers go. So, I put the ones I still want to borrow on and its been over a month with none available yet. I have a few books I’ve shared and nobody has borrowed them yet. So, it seems a great idea but there are apparently not a lot of people that like the same kinds of books I do.

Pretty much all of G.K. Chesterton's books are free on Amazon Kindle.

I love, love, love my Kindle! :slight_smile:

I regularly check out because they update all the free and .99cent books for you. Good website. :slight_smile:

Water for Elephants is an amazingly good book.

Currently im in the middle of a case from Christ by Lee Strobel.

Once or twice a week, I go through the top 100 free book list. Some crummy, some good. When you download a book, it gives suggestions for other books you might like. I’ve gotten many that way.

I’ve had my Kindle since last October and only paid for maybe 5 or 6 books.

Also, when my print subscription to the National Catholic Register expired, I got the Kindle version.

[quote="jediliz, post:9, topic:238799"]

If there's a book you want that is not available on Kindle, you can click a button to send a "message" to Amazon that will be sent on to the publisher requesting the book be made available on Kindle. I have requested a few books this way. They aren't on Kindle yet, but I have hope they will be some day....


Jason and Crystalina Evert's book "How To Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul" is now available on kindle, it was one of the books I sent a message to Amazaon on wanting on Kindle.

I have just read Through an Icon's Eyes by Grace Conti. Set in 1440s London, Florence and Greece and its a novel which is both love-story and a look at the turbulent times of a church divided east and west. There is a little bit of magic as one of the characters is a half-painted icon of Mary Magdalene. I think it must have been really well researched and is a fatastically compelling read for your kindle library ... and it says on Amazon that the author is donating royalties to Cancer Research so that is a bonus!

And at last the CCC is available on kindle:

i’m still waiting (hoping) to get a Kindle Fire for Christmas, but here’s a report on a Rosary for Kindle app that sounds interesting:

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