Kindness from My Parish

My daughter, Lesa, has been ill for many years and passed away last Friday. She has prayed for years that God would take her as she suffered daily. She loved our Lord with all her heart.

The reason I am posting this thread is to let others know how my Catholic parish has been so very kind to the family. I have little money and the church waived the fee for using the church. The organist has been practicing a difficult Requiem by Mozart and will be singing it, even though it is a choral piece.

The man in charge of the altar servers has been wonderful working with me.

As a convert for many years, I cannot say enough about the love that has been shown to me during this very difficult time.

Also many women from a large Bible study at another parish have also been wonderful and have offered food and anything I needed to let them know.

If anyone had doubts about the Catholic Church not taking a personal interest or being distant, they are wrong. A side note, due to Lesa’s illness and many health problems with another daughter and myself I could not be very involved at the parish, still I have gotten only love and help from many.

God Bless


My deepest condolence, Bernadette. :console: I will remember you, your daughter, and your family in my prayers today. :crossrc:

What a blessing to have a parish and fellow Catholics that care so much. God bless them for their compassion, and God bless you and your loved ones.

Glad that everyone is showing you the care and concern you deserve at this difficult time. God bless you.

My deepest condolences, and she will be in my prayers.

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