Kindness in Evangelization

I do not think the gospel should be watered down. I understand the Catholic faith should be taken seriously. I have never been drawn closer to my faith by FEAR TACTICS or being SCREAMED THAT THIS & THIS IS A SIN. Maybe I am hardened in that way. Reprimands do not get to me. My friend invited me youth center at Catholic Church - I began going as much as I could. I began reading about the saints through my confirmation sponsor giving me a book about saints - I loved it and wanted to know more. I am not saying fire and brimstone preaching should never be used. I think sometimes people who evangelize CAN BE RUDE, ANNOYING, THREATENING.

Yes, at times they can be rude and annoying! A person who wants to evangelize should start with themselves and pray for humility, and have a desire to become holier. Also we need to pray for wisdom and discernment as to how to explain the faith with peace.

Yes,to explain the faith with genuine love and peace and in words that would make people ponder.But sadly most catholics haven’t practiced this.Maybe,what we need is that one night a week,parishioners could get together.We could discuss how to express our faith to lapsed catholics ,agnostics,atheists,those of other religion.

I think it is important to meet people where they are at.

Yes! And then to pray for them, and ourselves, that the Lord moves us all along His Way, according to His Will.

Exactly true. I never would have moved ahead in this faith bit if I’d been attacked head on. Instead I was accepted where I was at. And kind of helped from there. A bit at a time. Like a little kid who’s trying to bite into a really big piece of meat. So someone reaches over and cuts it up into littler pieces. Feeding them to him one bite at a time. Until he then learns to feed himself. Starting with little pieces.

Thanks for reminding me of this CRATUS. You’ve got a way of just saying what needs to be said sometimes.

Peace pal.


You went to the youth center as much as you could .Probably in a learning and accepting environment.So you got something out of this to the point you are now willing to engage people where you meet them.So this is what I’m suggesting a place where we can go and learn more about our faith,encourge one and another and share success and failure stories.It’s like sports team,they first practise their playbook then try to execute on the field of life.But anything that helps a catholic to evangelise is great,God knows it’s time Catholics go out of their pews and went out and actually spread who and why they believe.

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