Kindy teachers offered self-defence course to combat feisty kids


Totally insane. A govenrment agency tells parents that it is illegal to spank their children - it isn’t but they are working to have legislation passed that will make it a crime under the Crimes Act.

So we get these little darlings who are undisciplined and cause havoc everywhere if they can’t get their own way. Unrestrained autonomy which will end in anarchy.

Now our Ministry of Education want kindergarton teachers to learn how to defend themselves from these under-5 year-olds.

Last year saw a case where a teacher asked a boy how come he was so much better behaved lately. He said that he had got his act together after his mother hit him with a riding crop (he was attascking his step-father with a baseball bat at the time). In comes Child Welfare, removed the boy from his home and laid a complaint against the mother.

The Court found no case for trial after hearing the evidence but the mother could not regain custody of the boy unless she got a Court Order.

The boy had to sneak around to find a phone and call his mother because the Agency tried to block all access. He ended up being drugged by the authorities when his behaviour got out of hand again and they couldn’t control him any other way.


taught by Arnold Schwartzenegger, no doubt


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