King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Prophecy


I was talking to a Shi’ite friend of mine and he was teaching me about prophecies of the end times that lead up to the coming of the Mahdi. I’ve heard a lot of it but never about this… Can a Shia brother explain in more detail about this?

He told me that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, yes the King now, will do something like commit sodomy and that servant will commit a revenge killing on him. This will drive Saudi Arabia on the brink, with tribal wars and such. When King Abdullah is killed, it will not be known to the world for 40 days.

Can someone give me more details?

  • Thank you!

He might not commit sodomy! He does have free will too you know!

When will that 12th Imam come out from his well? :smiley:

Sounds like some random and obscure hadith pertinent to the Shia, or some “prophetic” tradition otherwise.

It’s not exactly a main theme in the Shia eschatology.

Long live the King

I am not sure about this prophecy (I am from Sunni background)

Shia and Sunnis have many prophecies about the coming of the Mahdi , but the Shia have different view than the Sunnis about who is this Mahdi and how we can now him(by signs and events) , which I don’t know a lot about it , although they agree that he will not come until the destruction of Al Madina which is the second holiest city in Islam , and he will united the Islamic world under one state , and he will defeat the infidels

The following may be of interest:

Harun Yahya asked:

In his hadiths the Prophet (saas) told us that the Mahdi will be opposed to terror and violence, and that the anarchic environment and all acts of terror will come to an end in his day.

The hadiths state that in the time of the Mahdi all weapons will fall silent and wars will come to an end:

War will lay down its burden (arms and the like). (Sunan Ibn Majah, 10/334; Imam Sharani)

No Blood Will Be Shed in the Time of the Mahdi

Again according to the hadiths,

the Mahdi will bring justice to the whole world, but not one single drop of blood will be shed. The Mahdi will be opposed to terror and violence. War and conflict will come to an end. Yet the Mahdi will follow a very peaceful path as he does all this. This attribute of the Mahdi is set out as follows in the hadith:

In the same way that bees gather round the queen, so people will gather round the Mahdi. He will fill the world, once filled with oppression, with justice instead. Such will be his justice that the sleeping man will not be awakened and no blood will be shed. The world will return to the Age of Happiness.

(al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar, pp. 29 and 48)


"When the Qa’im from the family of Muhammad may God bless Him and His family arises He will set up encampments and He will teach the people the Qur’an as it was revealed by God the Mighty and High. The greatest difficulty will be for those who have learnt it as it is today because it differs from its (original) composition."

Jafar al- Sadiq:

"When the Qa’im arises peace be upon Him, He will come with a new commandment (from God) just as the Apostle of God, may God bless Him and His family summoned (men) to a new commandment (from God) at the beginning of Islam".

Traditions of the Qa’im:

When the Qa’im rises he will come with a new commission, just as the Prophet in the beginning of Islam called the people to a new commission

Ithbat al-hudat Vol. 7, p. 110.

When the Prophet was appointed people worshipped stones and wood. However, when our Qa’im arises people will interpret the ordinances of God against his interpretation, and will argue with him and dispute by means of the Qur’an. By God, the justice of the Qa’im will enter inside their homes, just as the heat and the cold enter them.

Ithbat al-hudat, Vol. 7, p. 86.

I can witness the Qa’im wearing the particular garment and taking out the letter of the Prophet sealed with a golden seal, and after breaking the seal he reads aloud to the people. The people disperse from him as the sheep do from the shepherd. And no one besides his vizier and eleven chiefs remain with him. Then people begin to search for a reformer everywhere. But, since they do not find anyone besides him who can help them, they rush towards him. By God, I know what the Qa’im is telling them which they refuse to acknowledge

Bihar al-anwar, Vol. 52, p. 326.

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