King Jesus Ministry-Guillermo Maldonado

Has any one any knowledge about this Christian Miami Church and it’s leader?
I am Catholic, surrounded at work by Pentecostals. They mentioned the Apostle Guillermo Maldonado as spreading miracle workings in the USA and Internationally. They are now one of the fastest growing hispanic churches in the USA.

Can this be true?

Or does anyone believe he is just another minister who is profiting from those seeking healing and a miracle?

You can get info by going to any web link. Let me tell you something, about the mega-churches comprising of Hispanics. A lot of its members are fallen away Catholics who are drawn to those types of churches. One reason is due to the fact is that many of those churches are not so much about doctrine/dogma,moreover, a type of social service and aide to the less fortunate and marginalized folks. In addition, many of those folks do not tend to stick around, as they make it a custom to “church-hop” looking more self-gratification. In other words, many equate social assistance with having a relationship with Jesus.

When religion is reduced to a mere spectacle…didn’t the Unification “Church” also hold mass weddings? Red flags are raised when pastors refer to themselves as “prophets”. This looks like entertainment under the guise of faith.

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