King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia -$1000-a-plate and U.S. bad manners

This is being printed in many newspapers overseas and I hope the chef apologizes. It makes the U.S. look so crass.

This is the King and Queen of Spain who in the past have met with the Bushes and were being honored at a dinner of 400 guests and these remarks which can’t be posted were inappropriate.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The king and queen of Spain got a dash of profanity from celebrity chef Mario Batali at a $1,000-a-plate dinner during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

At a Thursday dinner honoring Spain’s growing international culinary presence, Batali dropped some royally naughty words as he hosted the event in the presence of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

Growing impatient when the crowd didn’t quiet down quickly enough after he stepped to the microphone, he used the f-word and asked the audience if he could have “10 seconds of your time.”

Batali dropped the f-bomb again while introducing chef Jose Andres, whose Los Angeles restaurant, The Bazaar, has been heralded by critics. He finished by grabbing Andres’ bottom.

Those seated near the royal couple said the queen blanched. Gloria Estefan chortled. And Andres kept his cool.

“This is what food and wine from Spain will do to you,” he explained.

The Miami Herald has good account of what happened. Others apologized to the King and Queen. The chef, apparently, was drunk.

And Charlie Crist, governor of Florida, left the meal before the King and Queen did, which is considered a big breech of protocol.

So the US didn’t put on its best face for this dinner.

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