Kingdom of God


I’m looking for recommendations for a Catholic book on the topic of Kingdom of God. Also what Papal Encyclical discusses this the best?



There’s an entire chapter dedicated to this in Pope Benedict’s book, Jesus of Nazareth.


Thanks Penitus!


Mystery of the Kingdom: On the Gospel of Matthew by Dr. Ted Sri.

The St. Paul Center also has an online Bible study on this topic:

‘He Must Reign’: The Kingdom of God in Scripture

Of course, as Penitus suggested, Pope Benedict’s book is great, too! :wink:


Also, here’s a few references to the Kingdom of God in some recent Church documents (JP II’s is the most developed):

[list]*]Pope John Paul II - Redemptoris Missio (Chapter II - para. 12-20)
*]Pope Paul VI - Evangelii Nuntiandii (para. 8)
*]Vatican II - Lumen Gentium (para. 5)[/list]


Hey Joe,
Thanks for the help! Also your blog is pretty awesome. I have bookmarked it.



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