Kingdom Of The Cults


I don’t mean to offend anyone here, but what do Protestants and Catholics think about cults such as Jehovah’s Witness, Christian Science, Scientology, Unitarian Universalist, Mormon etc…
I name these as such because there was a book at the bookstore that named everyone of these as cults. Also there were The Moonies, the Davis Koresh followers, etc…
I guess my question is, why do people follow things such as these? Is it because of weakness or a real love of God??


I hope my answer is not offensive but I will be honest.
I worship in a Congregational Methodist Church and it is my opinion that every group you mentioned is indeed a cult except for the Unitarian-Universalists whom I believe are not even a religion but a “spiritual society” of sorts (how do you know when a UU extremist group is angry with you? They burn a question mark in yer yard!:smiley: )
I believe people join them because of their charismatic leaders and because of the attention which they give downtrodden people who feel betrayed and/or neglected by both Catholics and Protestants.
Just my two cents worth.


I grew up as a Mormon. I wish I could understand why some people convert… I was a 5th generation Mormon and am the only one (so far) to escape that cult.

I think that there is a sort of subtle fellowship that occurs, or not so subtle in some cases. People who are lonely, people who don’t know their own faiths very well, people who are lured into Mormonism because of the belief that “families can be together forever.”

Pray for them!
in Christ

(“Thought Reform” throughout this article can be read as synonymous with “Brainwashing” & “Coercive Persuasion”.)
Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D.


Mind you, one Christian group I know, who distribute booklets and videos/dvds about the above mentioned cults, also include Catholics.

It was only through reading their booklet that I found out the ‘official’ name of our ‘organisation’ is The Roman Catholic Church. :eek:

Why didn’t someone tell me?

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