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Hello to all, My husband and I are looking to relocate to the kingman,flagstaff area. and was wondering if anyone here is in the area, how are the jobs and housing? I work in the medical field. My husband is not really wanting to move, but I would like to be closer to my grandparents they are getting older and there is no one to take care of them if they were to get sick. I am praying and hoping that my husband will change his heart, we currently live in sacramento and we have no family here, nothing keeping us here. thanks for any advice :slight_smile: Crystal


Hello! I used to live in Bullhead City, AZ for 15 years! Bullhead is about 30 minutes downhill from Kingman. Kingman is much cooler than Bullhead. I DO NOT recommend living in Bullhead, unless you want to drive to the 8am mass some Sunday morning in July and it already be 108 degrees. Thats right, 108!

My hubby and i built a house in Bullhead for $90,000. Just 2 years later we sold it to move here, and it sold for $120,000. It is very expensive to buy a house in Bullhead and there are zero good paying jobs. And most of the city is below the sea level, so if Davis Dam ever breaks, your dead.

Kingman is a nice place, the county seat of Mohave County, and there are good jobs there. They have the local Mohave Community College, one hospital and doctor offices, and the courthouses and such. Specialty doctors (ENT, Cardiologist, Pulminologist, etc) will not be found here, only in Las Vegas or Phoenix, and maybe Flagstaff. The weather is much cooler as it’s up the mountains, but i don’t know housing prices. If you live in a rural area, instead of suburbs, expect rattlesnakes and scorpions. But I guess that’s true of California too. Kingman has a local/small town feel. It snows in the winter. There’s probably only 1 Catholic parish there. Kingman has a pro-life pregnancy crisis center. In Kingman you will run into a lot of smokers/drinkers/gamblers who drive down to Laughlin, NV (neighbor to Bullhead, AZ) every weekend to gamble away their paychecks to leave their kids on welfare.

Flagstaff is beautiful and my favorite. Its the county seat of Coconino County (did i spell that right?) and they have Northern Arizona University, a couple of hospitals, and a great mall. Engagement Encounter and Marraige Encounter take place in 2 different cities in Arizona last time I checked; Flagstaff and Phoenix. Flagstaff is several hours away from Kingman, more in the center of the state, and it snows heaver in the winter. It has a fun, college, young people feel and is bigger than Kingman. I remember one of the parishes in Flagstaff has gargoyles. Lots and lots and LOTS and LOTS of pinetrees! You may spot the occassional deer or elk. There is a deer farm not too far away from Flagstaff/Williams where you pay to get food to feed the deer and miscellaneous exotic animals. There is a good KOA campground near there too. Northern Arizona Univerity is awesome.

You should be able to find the cities websites on the internet that will help you more.


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