Kinsey Report

This report, issued in the 1950s, defined what it was to be a man or a woman. It turns out most of the information in it was distorted and truly unrepresentative of average Americans. However, it was influential in shaping the Playboy philosophy of Hugh Hefner. A movie, putting the Kinsey Report in a positive light, was released in 2004.

To my fellow Catholics, this is the level of deception we all have to watch out for. A so-called scientific report that was designed to deceive. Another lie over which many have paid a price physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually.

God bless,

I am fully a man with same sex attraction. There is no pain in acknowledging that except by those who insist that there must be. Tell someone often enough that they look sick and they will start to feel that way as well. OTOH, if we encourage them to accept themselves they will have a more positive feeling.

Kinsey held out his writings as “scientific.” In fact, his data was highly distorted, selective, and agenda-driven. See this article in This Rock magazine for more information.

Thank you very much JimG. Catholics need to be informed of deception, especially one as far reaching as the Kinsey Report. Note that the Report for men was published in 1948 and the Report for women in 1953.

Sometimes, in our desire to have compassion for all people and to exhibit respect for lawful established authority, we can be fooled, manipulated and otherwise taken advantage of by a few.

We must love the truth but understand that sometimes we are lied to. When the errors and falsehoods are exposed, we should all, peacefully, lawfully and respectfully, do what we can to undo the damage.

GoofyJim, I worked in health care for almost a decade. No one came in to the ER with a tag showing their religion, sexual orientation or similar (though on occasion, Jehovah’s Witnesses would show me a card stating that they weren’t allowed to have blood transfusions as a matter of faith). Everyone received the same level of care and treatment. Also, I had no problem with gays, lesbians, those undergoing sex change operations, and a bisexual young lady who later came to Christ. Heterosexuals suffer from opposite sex attraction as we grow in holiness. All of us are called to be chaste until marriage.

Peace and God Bless,

I am chaste. I am also homosexual. Is there a problem?

For years, a number of his “victim” children have tried to have the Kinsey films files opened up to view their own histories. No success.

Would it be wonderful is someday, the Kinsey Institute would open these files. I am sure most of these children involved in his studies will be dead by then but still their children will be here.

It appears that they were victims of pedophiles. The question is whether the pedophiles were on Kinsey’s payroll when they did their “research”. :eek: I don’t think he enquired about that.

Judging by how often you ask that question, I’m guessing there is, but I don’t think it’s any of us who are having the doubts. That point aside, this thread isn’t about you. It’s about Kinsey’s fraudulent research that still remains part of the propaganda apparatus that seeks to normalize sodomy as the moral equivalent of heterosexual sex.

– Mark L. Chance.

That information was gathered by a volunteer survey. The respondents were not paid to go do ‘research’; they answered questions about what they had done and were doing already.

I regard Kinsey’s research much as I do Freud’s: flawed but pioneering, important, and still on the ball in many ways. Most anti-Kinsey statements come from a single source, a Dr Judith Reisman, who seems to have transformed a bizarre vendetta against Kinsey into her lifework. Much of what she says about him and his research is outright false.

Dr Judith Reisman’s 10 year old daughter was raped by a teenager who said that pornography made him do it.

Kinsey was the foremost pusher of this type of filth. Kinsey was a horrible man whose “science” has destroyed the moral fabric of modern society by asserting that pornography and uninhibited sexual activity is necessary, even wholesome, regardless of age.

Kinsey claimed babies enjoy sex and showed evidence of this in actual studies where he engaged infants in sexual arousal.

His “theories” and assertions are the basis of most sexual education programs in public schools today.

And this has what to do with this topic? I hope this is not another attempt to hijack a thread into a discussion about how you are a celibateman with SSA and there is nothing wrong with it.

So you think timing the orgasm of a 5 month old male is groundbreaking? I have always wondered why on one hand homosexuals claim homosexualtiy is not related to pediophilia at all but on the other hand hoddl Kinsey up as a groundbreaking pioneer in sexuality. He was a serial child molester and molested in the name of “science” quite a guy that Kinsey was…

Homosexuality is between two adult people. Much different than pedophilia. Now I don’t claim to know everything about Kinsey but the phenomenon of homosexuality has existed since the beginning of time. Put two male animals in a zoo cage and they will eventually do something together. If we did not have the religious construct guiding us the same could be said of humans because without religious conscience we would be mere animals.

And the rapist’s claim is more believable than the Twinkie Defense exactly how?

[quote=estesbob]So you think timing the orgasm of a 5 month old male is groundbreaking? I have always wondered why on one hand homosexuals claim homosexualtiy is not related to pediophilia at all but on the other hand hoddl Kinsey up as a groundbreaking pioneer in sexuality. He was a serial child molester and molested in the name of “science” quite a guy that Kinsey was.

Before you repeat the same old lies about Alfred Kinsey yet again, I suggest you find out what actually went on.

And this relates to the topic in what way…?

And animal behavior is relevant to human sexuality becuase,?

What I described is what went on. Even your link says "the *bulk *of his observations came from interviews. What about the rest Mirdarth? What is there to admire about this pervert?

Look, Bob, I’m participating to the best of my ability. I simply said homosexuality is not connected to pedophilia. Homosexuality involves adults. Pedophilia is the abuse of a child.

And my point was that the homosexual community embracing Kinsey is making it very much appear they arer linkled.

My point about Dr. Reisman is that her exposes of Kinsey are more than a “bizarre vendetta” - they are valid research about the man who promulgated the myth that women who get raped are asking for it - and for the record, pornography has been tied to violent behavior time and again.

As for the “same old lies” about Kinsey, certainly you don’t think that referring to his institute’s website for refutation isn’t unbiased?

This statement is the direct result of Kinsey’s influence and, by the way, not true.

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