Kirk Cameron & co. on a marketing push?


Does the Way of the Master group seem to be marketing themselves a lot lately?

The debate with athiests last month, and then I see a big ad that links to this story on my fantasy baseball site!

This article focuses on Kirk Cameron, who of course is better known to the world than the Way of the Master preacher, Ray Comfort. This show has been less than accurate in its portrayal of Catholics for those of you who have never heard it. My “favorite” episode was when they played two sermons by John MacArthur in one of the most inaccurate rants against the Catholic Church I’ve ever heard.


If they would discover that the Way of the Master is the Catholic faith, they could do wonders for us. In the meantime, I’ll just ignore them.


That seems like the best way to deal with it.


Wow. Those street witnessing videos were amazing, though! I realize that it is not Catholic theology, but still! He certainly made some people think. I got goosebumps!


I’ve heard many other anti-Catholic sermons by John MacArthur before, but this is the worst. Where does he get his information that there was no Pope until A.D. 594? What source says there were gaps when there was no Pope? What source says that Cardinals wear $10,000 garments? There are no more Papal Coronations, but yet he claims that Popes wear million dollar gold crowns. Is there any way to find out what John MacArthur’s sources are, since he does not quote any sources in his sermon? Is there any way to reply to John MacArthur about this false teaching?


I haven’t listened to the sermons, but the little I’ve read from MacArthur’s website leads me to believe he’s got Boettner’s “Roman Catholicism” as a handy desk reference. :mad:


I too imagine he has Boettner or some Fundamentalist resource…such as maybe…himself!

And I hear the call to “ignore” the likes of Cameron or MacArthur, but something unsettles me about that. I don’t intrinsically disagree, but maybe what I’d prefer is that we reach the same audience THEY are reaching, because many of them will embrace his false version of history with some degree of innocence.

I heard a debate on Relevant Radio, on Friday, I think that featured Tim Staples vs. Mike Gendron (with whom I personally “debated” via email and found quite weak). I would classify Gendron in a similar anti-Catholic vein as MacArthur, although I believe Gendron is a former Catholic who uses all the standard “straw man” arguments against the Church (i.e. misunderstandings of what the Church teaches). So I think our prominent apologists are doing us all well to clarify these things.

When Jimmy Akin debated James White on Hannegraff’s show, he was able to present an accurate Catholic picture to Hannegraff’s audience, which I consider profitable. John Martignoni has also done a good job getting the Catholic voice in newsletters of anti-Catholics. The format doesn’t even have to be “debate”…the battle for truth is on, and we have to be ready to wear the armor of truth and give reason for our faith when lies are fired upon the people.


Is there any way to contact a Catholic apologist and suggest that he take on John MacArthur in a debate?


I would think you could email the staff here. Or you could start a “who should Catholics debate?” sort of thread…there are a few apologists who roam about this forum including Karl Keating! Pat Madrid also seems to roam his own forum over at envoy as well as Gary Michuta. All great Catholics.


Which method do you think would be most effective (e-mail the staff here, try to e-mail Mr. Madrid or Mr. Michuta, or start a new thread)?


Personally I’d start with a thread! But there’s no right answer here! There’s also that CAL off-air phone number to "speak with an on-staff apologist, like the ones in the Ask An Apologist Forum)…it’s somewhere on this site…619 area code something…


Do you know which show that was on? I’d like to try to find that debate in their audio archives.



I started a new thread here.


John MacArthur has pissed off Protestants, too. He has some very different ideas about the efficacy of the Blood of Christ in the salvation experience. You know, ‘saved by the Blood of the Lamb,’ well, evidently, he doesn’t believe that the Blood saves, or something like that. I heard a preacher rant for quite a few minutes about MacArthur being an heretical, non-Christian.


Just to put a side note in here concerning Kirk Cameron. He is a definite Anti-Catholic. I was in a LifeWay bookstore getting a Bible imprinted and picking up some dry highlighters the other day and while I was waiting on everything to get done and I got curious and picked up one of their Evangelism 101 books and there is an entire section on Catholcism where Kirk says that Catholics aren’t Christians. I have to admit though I do watch the Way of the Master for apologetics reasons…


Actually, I just found the answer to my own question. The link can be found in post #30 of the following thread:

Or here is the direct link to the archive, so that you don’t have to search for that other post:

However, I think that you do have to be logged in to the Relevant Radio site in order for this link to work. You can create a login account for free (I just did), but you do have to give them your name, e-mail address, mailing address, etc.



They were on with Drew Mariani if I remember right! If you find it, would you post a link? I only got to hear the 2nd half.


Oops! Thanks Paul…I didn’t read that last post!


No problem. :slight_smile:

I just downloaded the files and am starting to listen to the debate. Drew starts introducing the debate around 15 minutes into the second hour of the show, and apparently the debate continues in the third hour.



Actually, it turns out that Drew rambles on for a while before the debate actually begins. :slight_smile: For anyone who is downloading the files, I would say that about 28 minutes into the second hour would be a good place to start listening.

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