Kirk or Picard?

Kirk all the way!

(Sisko, Janeway, and Archer don’t merit consideration.) :smiley:

Picard, I say; Picard!

For what? Both have exceptional strengths, and at least one major weakness (not the same one, though!).

If I wanted to impress an alien with ‘power’ --Kirk.
If I wanted to impress same alien with ‘reason’ --Picard.

If there is a woman in question, who wants to be treated as an intellectual partner–Picard.
If there is a man in question who wants to look up to a heroic figure–Kirk.

If it’s a question of thinking first, acting later (sometimes much later) --Picard.
If it’s a question of acting first, thinking later (sometimes much later) --Kirk.

[SIGN]Picard rules![/SIGN]

Besides, Patrick Stewart :love: is SO much more attractive than Shatner. :blushing:

Picard over Kirk but Archer over all:D

Kirk thought with his feelings.

Picard thought with his head.

AMEN TO THAT!!! :thumbsup:


**I would have to say Kirk.

But the generations were different too. In Kirk’s time, it was more of an exploration. Everything wasn’t known and there was a lot conflict about whether you were interfering(?) with other cultures.

Picard was more a of diplomat, and the rules were followed more rigidly. Even though Picard, at heart, was an explorer, by his generation there was really not a lot of “newness” about the galaxy.

Besides, Kirk would not allow himself to be bullied by his second in command.**

For me - Picard.
For 15 year-old daughter - Kirk (“He kicks butt! And, he’s awesome because he has Spock for a sidekick.”)

There ya go…:smiley:

And Picard doesn’t have a sidekick??? What about Riker or Data??

Captain Kathryn Janeway is by far the best. Out of all 5 captains, she is the first to become an admiral. Plus, she was able to lead her crew back to the Alpha Quadrant without getting killed by the various Kazon sects, Species 8472, and also the Borg. Her dealings with the Borg (conversing with the Borg Queen, being assimilated, and helping Seven of Nine regain her humanity) gives her much more experience than Picard.

Based on your analysis, I choose Picard. :slight_smile:

I would like to have seen Spock as a member of Picard’s crew (still keeping Data, of course).

I can’t believe so many people are saying Picard–Captain Kirk *is *Star Trek (well, he and Spok :smiley: ).

I don’t see how anyone could chose…

I can’t imagine Star Trek without both of them.

Kirk, baby, yeah!!!

Give me the good old days of beaming down onto the faux-rock planet for a bare knuckles fight with some stinking aliens… :smiley:

Compared to Kirk, Picard was a weenie. :rolleyes:
Just my opinion, of course…

Maybe so - but a very sexy weenie at that! :blush: :smiley:


I like them both, but Picard has so much style, and he is such a Renaissaince man!

Incorrect: Kirk became an admiral in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, released in 1979, well before ANY of the new shows. He was demoted back to Captain in The Voyage Home (1986) for disobeying the Commander of Starfleet.

What can I tell you - the kid really groks Spock.
Live long and prosper…:smiley:

I guess he just had to be demoted back to Captain – can anyone imagine Capt. Kirk in a desk job? :smiley:

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