"Kiss the crucifix," advises Pope, as he reflects on Christ's humiliation [CWN]

Pope Francis devoted his Wednesday general audience to Christ’s humiliation, beginning with his betrayal by Judas for 30 pieces of silver. In the Passion of Christ, we see "the divine …



Kiss your Crucifix (It couldn’t Hurt).

Each time I recite the Holy Rosary, I kiss the Crucifix … Before and After I say it.
This helps me remember that I am participating in an ancient (and POWERFUL) Catholic Ritual.

When I am at a Mass, I kiss the Missal, before and after I read the Readings.
I do this to awaken my Soul, to Pay Attention to those Healing words of the Bible.

And, when I am finished singing a Song, I kiss the Music Issue book.
I am SO Pleased that I was just able to sing my Praises to God.

Kissing … it’s a Good Thing.

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