Kiss with a married man

Hello. First of all, my sincere apologies if I put it in the wrong place.

Would it be an adultery to kiss a married man, even if the kiss would be an expression of our feelings? It wouldn’t lead to anything else.

The man I’m talking about is not forcing me to do anything, he’s a true gentleman and he respects me. He doesn’t manipulate me or anything like that. I know his feelings towards me and I know he’s married. My feelings to him are so pure. However, considering we feel something towards each other, still knowing he’s married, why would our feelings be bad? It’s not bad to love the other one, right? Why would love be bad even if we wouldn’t have sex.

It keeps bugging me - a kiss. Would it be bad even if it wouldn’t lead to anything more? Would such an expression of our feelings be bad?

I keep praying for the answer and I haven’t received it yet. Please help.

It would be bad, yes. The man is married. It has to end. Now.

Please don’t be deceived or delude yourself. If the man is a true gentleman or truly respects you, he would not allow himself to lead you on like this. He would respect his wife and his obligations towards her.

Your feelings for him are out of place; he does not deserve them, and you do not deserve his. The only one entitled to his love is his wife. Not you. Again, don’t deceive yourself. Your feelings for him are not pure. Neither are his feelings towards you.

Emotions are amoral; they are neither good nor bad. One does not have control over what one feels. One does have control over what one does.

If you feel an attraction for this man, don’t confuse it with love. Love does not destroy marriages. Knowing this man is married, if you have an attraction for him, then you must stay away from him.

End it. Now.

I say this with all sincerity. Run as fast as you can. If he is a good man he will come to his senses. If he is looking for some fun away from home, he will find someone else.

Flirting with a married man will only bring pain to all concerned. It can not and will not stop there.

If he is not lying to you, he is lying to his wife. This makes him a liar. If he lies to his wife, in time he will lie to you.

Human beings are physical creatures.
We have taste, smell, touch.

You say it wouldn’t lead to anything else, but human nature is a powerful thing when put to the test.
“Just this once and I can stop” might be the most regretted sentence ever uttered in human history.

For me, who has little self mastery, just putting myself in the position to be tempted is sinful cause I know where it leads.
Just. say. no.

What kind of a kiss are you talking about?

What is your history with this man?

Would his wife be upset about this?

You haven’t provided enough information for me to give advise. Although I think the previous posts are correct in erring on the side of caution and telling you this is not right.

What Porthos11 said.


Would you and this man be comfortable sharing this kiss with each other standing right in front of his wife?

If not, then it would be gravely sinful to share a kiss with him.

You speak of the feelings you have for each other? What, exactly, are those feelings?

This sounds like temptation to adultery.

Best answer of all.

OP, you know it’s wrong or you wouldn’t be here asking us what we think,

You already know the answer: DON’T DO IT!!! You are lying to yourself if you think that it would not lead to anything else. Do yourself, him, and HIS WIFE a big favor and back off from this relationship NOW before anything happens.

This…also: Denial is a powerful thing. It makes us deny even the truth of God, when that truth would stand between us and that which we desire. Tread carefully here.

We can’t help how we are tempted, or our own feelings. We can help what we do. Walk away from this other woman’s husband.

No, he isn’t a true gentleman if he wishes to break the commitment he has made to his wife.

You can’t guarantee it’ll stop at a kiss, and honestly, you sound like you are trying to justify and unjustifable action.

Put it this way - if you were married, would you want your husband to kiss another women if he were a “true gentleman” and her intentions were “so pure” and it was just “an expression” of their “feelings”?

Don’t do it, OP. It’s not going to do anything but harm. Do the right thing and walk away.


Exactly, “End it now”.

Yes, it would be adultery. Jesus said if we even just look on another with desire in our hearts we have already commited adultery. A kiss is even more intimate than a look.

But besides that, if you saw your husband kiss another woman, would you say “oh, it’s ok. It’s just a kiss. He’s not cheating on me.” No! You would be pissed off! And rightly so. It doesn’t matter if his pants are still on. He’s betrayed you.

So I’m going to echo what everyone else has said. Get. Away. From him. You’re only going to cause yourself pain.

It’s definitely not appropriate for you to kiss a married man. You are deceiving yourself if you think it wouldn’t lead to anything else.

This situation is not going to get better. Cut off all contact with this man. And I mean all contact – no texting, emailing, phone calls.

God bless you as you deal with this situation.

You don’t need to pray for the answer because common sense is telling you it is wrong.

Don’t do it. And stay away from him.

I don’t think it would be bad if his wife were present and you were to kiss him on the cheek.


Clearly that is NOT the scenario here.

OP, you know you’re in the wrong.
Run the other way.

Most likely. Just avoid it in the future, we all make mistakes.:thumbsup:

Are you kidding?! You’re kidding, right?

Man: “Hi honey, I’m home!”
Wife: “Hello! How was your day at work?”
Man: “Oh, same old same old. Phil is late with the monthly reports again. Oh, and I shared a kiss with another woman.”
Wife: “You what?!!”
Man: “I kissed another woman. But don’t worry, there’s nothing empty and physical about it. We kissed because we have such deep feelings of emotional connection. So it was all pure and beautiful, and wonderful and so amazing!”
Wife: “Oh! Ok. For a moment I thought you were having an affair. Whew! Thank goodness that’s cleared up. And by the way, that cute lawyer at the country club? I’m taking him up on his offer. Good luck making your alimony payments. And I get the dog.”

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