Kisses between Engaged Couples

Thank you all for your response everyone. They have really helped a lot. :slight_smile:

Oh and I’m 23 btw. :slight_smile:

For me it’s rather simple: if the activity (prolong kissing) causes you to engage in pre-marital sex, or greatly urges you to pull your clothes of and engage in the act, because of intensity then either A) do it less frequently and less intensely or B) just stop the activity and find another way of showing affection, love and tenderness.

Yeah I agree…but I don’t feel comfortable letting it get to starting to take the clothes off. To me that’s playing with fire. :blush:

Wouldn’t that be considered putting yourself in temptation? :confused:

Well, yea, I’m not saying “to wait until it gets to that point.” I’m saying if you know that the chances are great then don’t do it or if you’ve found yourself in this situation, then either axe the intense kissing or just restrain it. If only the act causes you do such things (taking of your clothes and having sex) then I think it should be talked about and a decision should be made - I myself am not against prolong kissing if it doesn’t lead to such acts.

I would think that you and your significant other are mature enough to know when to stop sucking each others faces (this is me being friendly with you) when that temptation creeps up.

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