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My son started kindergarten at our Catholic school yesterday and we took a picture of him kissing a statue of the Blessed Virgin. He has kissed statues from time to time, starting when he saw everyone kiss the feet of Jesus on the cross on Good Friday. Anyway, the picture was sent to friends and family, and many have commented on its appropriateness. Is it ok for him to kiss a statue? Is it wrong for us to allow this? What should we teach him about statues?

Thank you for your advice!

YES I think it is wonderful! We kiss the cross, relics, people we love. :slight_smile: rosaries, …

i don’t think its wrong. i think he is just showing his veneration for the Blessed Virgin. sometimes i myself will kiss my statue of Jesus the five holy wounds. so i see no problem with it. its a sign of respect. its not like your son is worshiping the statue because he is not. its respect.

My kids have been kissing statues for years. We always ask permission before and as of yet we haven’t been turned down. Some statues they choose to kiss the wounds and others they kiss the toes. My children do it out of devotion and love and I haven’t ever had anyone say they shouldn’t be allowed. I am thankful they are kissing statues and not defacing them.


Ever seen a child kiss a picture of Mommy, perhaps if Mommy is in the hospital or far away?

It’s the same thing. The child’s love for a person – a real person – is not love for a statue, or a picture, but for the PERSON. If the person for some reason cannot be there with the child, the ‘representation’ of the person --statue, picture, doll, etc., may receive a ‘hug’ which we understand that the child is giving TO THE PERSON.

But don’t kiss statues, and especially don’t kiss the Tabernacle, if you are wearing lipstick. It requires a lot of work each week to clean them up. :ouch:

Osculation is rather disgusting, and I wouldn’t debase a statue nor a relic with my lips. Filthy people we are.

why not? it shows veneration and respect. i kiss my crucifix out of respect for our Lord. so as with the five holy wounds. nothing disgusting about it.

If you get married, I wonder if you’re going to “debase” your spouse with your lips…

i don’t wear lipstick:D not my thing:D


At our church on St. Anthony’s feast day, they offer two relics of St. Anthony for us to kiss. Kissing shows reverence…it’s not like your making out with the statue or anything :rolleyes:

This year I tried really hard for the indulgence for Divine Mercy Sunday. We have the painting of Divine Mercy on our confessional door. After Mass I went over to it and kissed the feet of Jesus in the painting. I knew right then the indulgence was granted. I felt it pierce my heart. When I turned around, I got a couple of strange looks. It was between me and the Lord ( now you all too :o ). If your son feels compelled to kiss statues, then it is in his heart to do it. Good for him. Tim

indeed, God is merciful. this is why iam particularly devoted to the Divine Mercy.:thumbsup:

I agree. We buried two babies and I carry a small piece of their blankets in a little silver box. We give that little box kisses all the time along with the crusifix that is on the same chain. We offer the kisses because we love the people they represent.

The kissing of statues, relics, icons, crucifixes, the Pope’s ring etc… is all appropriate when done as a sign of love, respect and reverence. One does not debase the statue nor is it inappropriate to do this. :thumbsup:

I know my priest said many times that is was okay to go off and venerate all of the statues in our church.

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