Is it a sin to think about kissing and embracing someone if its not from lust but from how happy you are about your feelings for them? Thinking about your boyfriend for example…

In general, I would say no, Kittyplant. If you’re talking about just an affectionate kiss and hug, there’s nothing wrong with that. :slight_smile: I mean, assuming that you’re not already married to someone else. :wink:

Only if it leads to lustful thoughts.

Various factors can be involved (for example how one kisses) It can be yes sinful. There can also be chaste and modest signs of affection.

hi, interesting take on a topic on this forum…
i wrote poetry…so include a poem…please challenge the morality if needed…
such a universal thing-a kiss…the poem is about my girl friend…i am catholic…
i appreciate jesus in my mate of choosing-appreciate jesus in the significant other-you see!(oh copy right pending please-it is from an unpublished work-for a paper back book)

You are the fox-I am the hound by david patrick

The break room fills-
One office guy greets the crew,
”Are we having fun, yet?”
Another is heard to greet, “Alright!”
His habit, to exclaim
As if at a foot ball game,
A natural reply, before being asked:”How are you?”

Conversation around the water cooler: “Dating women-I call that the CHASE.”
When a man recommends something will guarantee perfect happiness-
(Well, reason says be suspicious any source that promises absolute happiness!)
You know the men? Wearing pressed trousers with a crease,
Sitting on a high and mighty macho chair, without a care-

The taboo topic surfaces-three men, each, talk of kissing their mate.
One says, “It’s like a good type of crazy.”
Next, it’s like a puppet show;

Or, it’s like CPR;
Oh! Those – common men who talk at work-
Each must practice being fake; how much can a person take?

Sometimes, a kiss might be a happy meeting or a greeting.
But, ‘perfect happiness, ’not ‘fun,’ nor ‘alright!’ afterwards, does not a kiss…make…
If love really is a ‘chase,’ by chance,
Why the fox?
Why the hound?
What exactly is between the lips of a kiss?

Silent… moon,
Eyes shut, in the darkened room.

You are a red fox-I am the hound.
Your lips (I know) are red-I give chase.
We together KISS.
That exact moment-
Each different with original-exactness:
The next kiss becomes deeper,

A kiss that is thanks and gratitude, and appreciation,
For all your acts of kindness,
Literally saving my life, by risking your own-(remember?) on realistic ground.
You are the fox-I am the hound.

A kiss to say:” I am sorry.”
Sorry for when a man finds himself living in a world
Listening to a destructive self-speak (of what a man tells himself)
Of shouldn’ts-shouldn’t do this, shouldn’t do that ;
For my escape, from my inward self hate-
A kiss might free from which I had been bound.
You are the fox-I am the hound.

A kiss to alleviate,
For such suffering-
To share your suffering, a kiss profound!
You are the fox-I am the hound.

We together
-eyes shut, in the darkened room.
A kiss to remember, to recall happy events, remembering when…
Not two alone… for there is a third powerful real person between the lips of a kiss,
Named LOVE-We are all one-without sound.
You are the fox-I am the hound.
by david patrick

There are situations I would distingish in my own usage of counsel concerning what you describe kittyplant.

Am I idle? Rest is good, but when the mind stops the inital enjoyment and seeks a different motive to rest, then a moral concern is of coruscation.

“Blessed is the man that fears the Lord: he will delight greatly in his commandments.” (Ps 112:1, lxx) The psalmist presents our hope as Christians, we are called to be complete, by the being perfected in wisdom. This call instucts the heart by forgiveness of sins by a priest. The instuction is the interaction of prayer, the silent recollections of what was read prior from sacred sources, the occurances of delighting in the instructions of the Church. Herein we find the way he leads us to embrace a hope solely in eternal life, eternal pleasures, and the disregard for those things that pass away. This disregard comes with spiritual maturity.

The grantable acknowledgement of my own estimation is one that could quell the pride, but my concern is pride in its yeast. Do I remove such for the sake of a purer hope? I would say, only God could instruct me by the placement of the right motivations to pluck the yeast.

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