Kitchen Nightmares 10/30

anyone see it tonight?

Gordon Ramsay took his ill-fated restaurant crew to a Catholic church and set up a mock confessional to talk to the restaurant workers right in the center aisle of the church.

I am not devout but I thought I should maybe point this out to the CA forum.

I saw this and have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it did not portray confession as a negative experience, but if it was really in a church, it was quite inappropriate.

I wonder if it was really filmed in a studio with the “church” in the background.

I thought it was funny when Ramsey wouldn’t let the priest eat the nasty food.

I saw this last night too and had mixed feelings about it. I don’t think it should have taken place in a church either. It was done respectfully, but I still would have prefered that scene not be in the show.

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