Kithrus super catholic mmo guide!

So here we are mid Sumer and the mmo market is bursting at the seems.

Therefore I will be taking it on myself to make this great little guild that will assist everyone in hopefully everyone will find the right mmo for them!

So let’s get this show rolling with a handy key to help speed things along.

Leveling, every game measures a players power level with levels. The higher the level the more the player can accomplish. Each level unlocks new abilities as the player moves forward. However each level require more time to unlock the next. What may take the player 4 hrs of game play to go from 1 to 10 it can take that same time to only get from 10 to 15.

PvP player vs player. Normally most mmos have this feature however some of them only focus on pvp.

PvE player vs environment. The part of every mmo where you combat some form scripted non player enemy. Normally known as bosses or puzzles or any enemy not controlled by players.

DLC download content. Normally a patch large enough to validate having a price tag but too small to justify an expansion or much less a new title.

Expansions think of them as the part two to the game in question. They can be mistaken as the next game when in truth they are simply a really large patch.

P2P pay to play. This is a subscription based game. Traditionally monthly for 15 US dollars though some games have other methods like 36 dollars for 3 months.

Micro transactions, some games have real money stores that you can swipe you credit card to get items you normally can’t get in game. This includes mounts the player can ride, clothes and sometimes items that when used 1 time only boost the rate you level.

F2P free to play. Some MMOs do not require you to pay a few to play them. They may require you to pay for the copy of the game aka the disk but once you load it no other money is required. However there maybe VIP status for players willing to pay monthly or dlc you can buy to enhance your game.

P2W pay to win. Normally the abeviation used to insult f2p games. It assumes the game requires you to buy dlc or something like that to enjoy the game at all. The assumption is that people who do not pony up the cash to not be crushed by players who have the advantage as paying customers. Normally this isn’t the case but it does exist.

Rating system:
E everyone, normally very cartoony and treats violence not unlike the bugs bunny show. This is the bread and butter kids game/family title. Examples: Mario, Sonic, Kirby or frogger.
T teen, sometimes more adult but only in so far as violence is seen in more true form but not gore. Player gets hit by arrow the wound may bleed but never profusely. Good examples of this is lord of the rings movies. There is sometimes talk of sex but nothing is ever displayed. Dress code is lax but not scandalous.
M mature, this is where the hammer gets dropped as far as adult content goes. People can die horrible deaths, sex, nudity and horror are all possibilities but by no means the rule. Wounds are not down played except in so far as they don’t hinder game play. This rating is best compared to tv rating 18a to R.

Now to the titles…

World of Warcraft: PvP, PvE, 3 Expantions, Subscription monthly and microtransactions rated T for violence and dress.
Known as the bread and butter mmo it places the player in a fantasy world slaying dragons and the like to save the world. Has two factions that the player can join. Players on the other faction can’t help the player and will likely attack him/her.

Star wars the old Republic: PvP, PvE, Subscription monthly converting to F2P soon. Rated T for violence, dress and sexual themes
Star wars as you know and love it however takes place 4000 years before Luke sky walkers time. Has two factions same as wow however players of different factions can talk to each other if they have no desire to fight.
The game introduces in game relationships with your crew. These can be avoided and there is no on camera sex as romantic scenes merely fade to black once kissing occurs. This is the first mmo however to introduce gay and Liz relationships with npc’s (non player characters). These like normal relationships can be avoided by telling the person interested in you that your not interested.

DC Universe Online: PvP, PvE, Subsciption optional is F2P, DLC, Rated T for violence and dress.
Superman, Batman, Wonderwomen and friends world. you make your own super hero and fight to save earth or you can team up with Lex Luther, Joker, Cincera to destroy the world. Two factions again if you haven’t guessed yet. The DLC mentioned is 10 dollars each and I think there’s 4 currently. they unlock new power types like the ability to be a green launturn.

EvE Online: PvP, PvE, can pay for free*, rated T for violence.
A massively large game places you in another galaxy 40,000yrs from now where humens were stranded after a wormhole brought them to that place. there are four factions however you are not required to fight people of the other factions, indeed you can work with them without penalty. You start the game as a pilot of a small ship, as time goes on you can fly bigger ships. Anything you can imagine short of time travel you can do with a ship, transport, fleet fights, mining space asteroids, exploring use your imagination. as mentioned you can play for free if you acquire enough in game money to purchase a pilots liciense extension before your month expires. This requires a lot of skill or help.
Dust514:PvP, F2P rated Teen.
Part of EvE it’s a shooter game for the play station. As the pilots roam the stars in EvE you are hired by them to fight other players for control of planets. Sometimes the EvE players will help you by shooting down on the planets clearing they way for you the hired troops. Very call of duty like for those who know the game.

Star trek online: PvP, PvE, F2P subscription optional, micro transactions.
After the events of the movie star trek nemesis and after Spock goes back in time by mistake as seen in the new movie the federation and Klingons are at war again. A spaceship game like EvE but there’s also away team segments on foot too. Two factions again but like WoW no communication or help from the other side and they will attack you when they can.

I’ll add more later, I want to do some research on terra, planetside and guild wars ect before I go on. Hope this helps mom and pop and kids both old and young know what’s what.

What, on earth, does this have to do with religion or any other topic on this site?

He’s helping to prepare Catholic gamers. :shrug: I’m not an MMO person (most becase its unavailable to me, plus I would no longer have a life if I gave it the time) but its good to know these things, just in case. :thumbsup:

An excellent resource. Do you plan on moving on to other games as well? Perhaps a catholic gaming blog?

I will in time. the reason I’m making this is parents need to be informed whats going on. One could argue that they should Google on their own but everyone has opinions. I’m just going to present facts.

Let the parents sort it out.

Parents need help to do their job. when little billy asks to play a game I think parents should know exactly what they are getting into. Bills, the morality of the content… ect.

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