KKK Imperial Wizard Found Dead on a Missouri Riverbank


The body of a Ku Klux Klan leader who had been missing for several days was found on a Missouri riverbank, according to police.

Frank Ancona, who was a 51-year-old self-proclaimed imperial wizard of a KKK chapter near St. Louis, according to a website promoting the group, was found dead by a family who had gone to the Big River in Missouri to go fishing, according to Daily Journal, a local newspaper.

Ancona was last seen heading for work on Wednesday morning by his wife, the Daily Journal reported.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office referred ABC News to a statement about Ancona’s death on their Facebook page.



May he rest in peace. We should never despair in someone’s death. We weren’t there at his last minutes, and we don’t know the types of theology that influenced him. I say we pray for his soul.


Good. You play, you pay. One less inferior to diminish evolution.


Here we go, race for the bottom.


If he died in an accident, then it is his fault. But he shouldn’t be murdered.


Oh, well. So much for the “atheists can be good without God” meme… :frowning:

(Not to mention the “atheists are brights” meme: evolution is species-level, not individual-level.)


Praying for his soul…


We Atheists aren’t afraid of espousing truth. You think the world would be brighter because of this worthless slug? Do explain how.


Each one of us is worth so much that God gave up his life for us.

The real tragedy would be if this individual left this world in final rejection of God.

We should pray for his soul.


May he rest in peace. He was/is no more or less guilty than any other human being. We have all fallen short.


That would indeed be a tragedy. Any one of us can be gone in an instant. And if one is alienated from God when that time comes, one is cast into the outer darkness. Aware of the light, but infinitely separated from it by a great gulf, like in the story of the rich man and Lazarus.


Do you pray for Hitler’s or Stalin’s “souls?”


We do. And we do not exclude the possibility that they may have been saved.


Ask the “soul” of someone who was pushed into a gas chamber and watched at small children in panic and fear at the zyclon B was dumped in. There is a place for forgiveness. There’s also a place for judgment.


do they know the cause of death? praying for the repose of his soul…


We leave judgement to God. We don’t try to pretend that we know who is saved and who isn’t. Regardless, no matter how horrific their actions, most of us wouldn’t desire to see someone suffer eternally for them.


There’s also a place for judgment.

There is indeed … and God alone is our Judge. “Judge not that you may not be judged”.

Regularly in the Divine Office in the Prayers of Intercession, The Church prays for the salvation of all souls.
Jesus died for all souls and all souls are beloved children of God. God NEVER rejects anyone, it is we who are quite free to choose to reject Him. And at Judgement God will reveal all.

Since Jesus died for all souls, then surely our Hope will be that all souls will be saved and in that too we are United to The Death of Jesus.


Why not?
It is not my place to presume their salvation.

If we cannot pray for everyone, how can we expect others to pray for is?


Our Lord instructed us to pray for our enemies. That means even for the people we despise. That doesn’t mean praying they get a “get out of jail free” card. But I pray that, like all of us need to do, sinners great and small, he repented of his sins before his end. The greater the sinner who repents, the more we should rejoice.


First of all, if you’re an American, it’s easy, fun and cool to knock down the KKK.

Personally, I’d like to know how many secularists and liberals would have done that in the 1920s, when they marched by the hundreds of thousands in American cities or during the Civil Rights era when if you were the wrong skin colour or faith, you could be found dead and have rigged system let the perps off the hook.

I think we all know 99% of the activists alive today wouldn’t have the stomach for that. :o

See, it’s fun and easy to do it (and pretend like it’s some kind of righteous virtue) when its culturally acceptable; the real test comes when it’s not.

It may interest you to know that I’ve prayed for folks like Travyon Martin and Michael Brown. Every life is sacred.

And I wouldn’t blame anyone who prayed for Stalin for Hitler, although the Stalin one is more interesting because atheists on here have downplayed his mass-murder policies significantly. :(:o:rolleyes::mad::blush:

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