Knanaya DNA Study: History, Genetics, and Speculations


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I wanted to share with you a scholarly genetic study on the origins of the ancient Knanaya community. The Knanaya are said to be the descendants of Middle Eastern Judeo-Christians who arrived in Kerala, India sometime between the 4th and 9th century. According to their folk history they arrived to support and promote the East Syrian rite among the St. Thomas Christians of India. After their arrival they maintained a separate identity and culture from the other St. Thomas Christians which can still be seen today. Their culture is a mix of Syriac-Judeo-Christian and Hindu tradition representing the 1000 plus years the Knanaya have been a minority ethnic community of India. Today the Knanaya are split among two churches of the St. Thomas Christians, the Syro Malabar Eastern Catholic Church in which they have their own distinct archdiocese at Kottayam and the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in which they have their own distinct archdiocese at Chingavanam. I hope the following study will be of use to those interested in Christianity in India.

Knanaya DNA Study: History, Genetics, and Speculations:

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