Kneeling and Holy Communion

At our church there is more room if you wait until you are up there. I think I am not up as close when I bow, and they have time to see that is what I am doing, then I extend my hands.

Only the RCC, out of all the Catholic and Orthodox churches, replaced standing as the position of respect with kneeling (although some of the more heavily [and wrongfully] latinized churches may use this Roman practice).

Who latinized the churches ? RC clergy ?

I’m not familiar with that term. Do you mean the Eastern liturgies were latinized ?

In some cases it was forced by RC bishops, and in other cases it was done by the Ecstatics in an attempt to fit in and convince the RC that they were “real” Catholics.

Parts of liturgies were latinized, iconostases removed, confessionals installed, the Stations of the Cross and the rosary displaced eastern devotions, organs, the Filioque , and more . . .

In the US, the RC bishops actually tried to ban Eastern liturgy and force use of the Roman liturgy :scream: :exploding_head: :rage:

Ask Father if it is permissible. Remember that we are one body, and so it is good for the sake of humility and unity (evidence of the Holy Spirit’s presence) to humble ourselves and respect the overall logistics of receiving.

Kobe Bryant (R.I.P.!) waited until the entrance procession was halfway along, then followed and took a seat in the rear pews, because the mass was about Christ and not about him - the mark of a Saint!

In any event, isn’t reverence actually in the human heart? (Please no flames, my Nomex suit is at the cleaners).

I see. I would be upset as well.

I’m curious about it and have more questions but I’ll search for info and perhaps inquire further over on the Eastern sub forum.

I get it, but I wanted to be sure that you are aware that reception of the Precious Blood was not the norm until recent decades. Only since the 1970s has the Eucharist routinely been offered under both Species, and even then, often in limited instances. When one receives under either Species, one receives the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord.


Yes, indeed, that’s what I said.

OldCAFMember - I had no idea about the history of the Precious Blood. I had been wondering why, when attending Mass at different Churches, that there was sometimes no Precious Blood, and why some parishioners chose not to partake of the Precious Blood - now I know so thank you for informing me!

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