Kneeling during mass and getting the Eucharist

I have an injury that will not allow me to kneel during the mass, what should I do? Also I am on crutches, should I still go up for the Eucharist? I did not even think about this, but mass is going to start in about a hour!

Revert TSIEG

You sit. I have seen many elderly or infirm people sit because they could not kneel. And yes, go to communion. I have seen people with crutches, walkers, etc, go to communion. It may be best if you can sit near the front to make it easier for you and others. At some parishes, those who can not walk or move easily sit in the front pew and can recieve the Eucharist from there. Check with the greeters or ushers at the church when you get there.

Blessings for a fast recovery.

I would rather go up than wait for one of the Eucharistic ministers to come to me! Thanks… no kneeling… walk up like normal! Thanks for the info and the prayer!

Revert TSIEG

Usher offer the first row, inside end of the pew… worked great!! Could not kneel though!

If you can’t stand or kneel, you can’t stand or kneel.

That’s all.

I can’t stand for long periods.

When people are on crutches or in wheel chairs it’s easier for the Priest to bring them communion where they sit.

Don’t worry about it.

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