Knighfall TV Series

Has anyone seen knighfall and would they recommend it? how was it historically and how did it treat catholicism?

I don’t know how accurate it is, it was a bit bloodthirsty etc but on the whole I enjoyed it.

It was a story. I don’t know if much of it was accurate outside the time period, location, and general jest of the story.

I enjoyed watching it and I would recommend it for those who enjoy semi-historical type fiction. I would not recommend it as a way to learn the history of the Knights Templar or the Catholic Church.

Thanks for the thoughts. It was recommended by a libertarian site. Does it have a libertarian tilt to it?

I have never heard of it.

It has a middle ages Knight against a King in France tilt to it. It is just entertainment for those who enjoy this type of entertainment.

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Based on the content advisory on the Internet Movie Data Base, I wouldn’t watch it.

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