Knights Helping Refugees at the Border

Thank You Knights!!

“Let me be clear: This is not a political statement. This is a statement of principle.”


They will be blessed for what they do for them.


No, it’s very much a political statement.
Shouldn’t the Knights be focused on programs that help in their communities?

If they want to help refugees, they should sponsor their placement in their communities. It’s dishonest to call the illegal border crossers “refugees”.


Doesn’t matter at all whether they’re refugees or illegal aliens. They are to be treated with all the same compassion and dignity that all human beings are due.

The Lord didn’t command us to help those in our own community first, and the Lord didn’t say to offer comfort to only those who belong.

Isn’t one of the works of mercy to visit the imprisoned?

“Peter, do you love me?”

Then the righteous will answer him and say, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? When did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? When did we see you ill or in prison, and visit you?’ And the king will say to them in reply, ‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.’


I don’t see the relevance of your point. Illegals surrendering at the border are treated with basic human dignity though the recent surge has overloaded the system. The response should be more money as requested by ICE.

Are the Knights going to join ICE?


I do not think it is.

I do.


Fake news.

If the migrants are provided with food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and due process, I’m sure the Knights will redirect their efforts. I will trust the Knights’ determinations and decisions


I think the way that asylum is obtained by breaking the law and illegally entering onto the United States is nonsensical.

It just simply doesn’t work because if you establish a law you can’t contradict it for a greater good the ends don’t justify the means.

Illegal immigration is illegal as in a federal crime and when people commit federal crimes they don’t get the assistance or the protection that one might obtain if they had entered the immigration process legally further it’s rather problematic that one has to break the law in order to obtain asylum.

I don’t have a problem with the wall I’m actually in favor of it I think it’s done a lot of good however I don’t think it’s the solution to the entire problem but I think it does provide protection and that’s a good thing.

It’s sort of ironic how many Democratic and liberal politicians and presidents have actually been in favor of a border wall and have actually ordered such.

Donald Trump is not the first president to be in favor of a border wall he’s just the most successful one.

Even if we absorbed Mexico and it became part of the United States we would inherit their illegal immigration problem with South America which they too have a wall with.

Even if the entire North and South American continents became the United States of America we would still have problems with illegal immigration from other countries because the poor will always be with us.

The reality is that we are very generous to immigrants compared to other countries but we tend to get a lot of flak internationally and even within the Church government for the illegal immigration problem.

The other issue that I see is how come the Mexican Bishop’s never say anything about how their country is treating it’s citizens or how their neighboring countries are treating its citizens it always falls on America and I don’t think that’s right or just.

I just see things differently and have a different perspective on these matters.

I don’t really have an issue as a fellow Knight with the Knights of Columbus helping poor and suffering people however the only thing that I might disagree with is this being used as a political stunt to push an ideological agenda of a borderless society.


Within their community?

I didn’t know Christianity worked like that.


That is helping my community. My own KC group has a Spanish language name, and many first generation immigrants. We also have Case Juan Diego, and I have no doubt we would even have helped the Irish in the East, when it was they who were oppressed.


Good for the Knights! No doubt the politics are complicated, but there is a lot to be said for just helping people in need.

I read the short article, but I wasn’t sure exactly what would be done. Are they just looking for donations (this is certainly good)? Are knights of Columbus literally going to the border to help? How can those of us in the northern states help with this effort?


It was just announced, I am sure details will soon be available!!

You evaded in answering my question, so I’ll be more explicit.

Volunteer time and $ in the Knights is a limited resource. If they redirect it and pay for people to go monitor Border Patrol workers at the border, they have less bandwidth to support their local needs. I’m confident every major community has a homeless problem, people lacking basic shelter as example.

I expect this was a politically motivated announcement and in truth, the Knights will have practically zero presence at the borders in the coming year. I expect the rank and file will remain focused on their immediate communities.


My experience with the Knights is they are men of honesty. When they say something, they do something. They are also able to care about more than one thing at a time, amazing in our zero sum world!

Quarter of a million dollars is a real commitment. Hats off to the Knights!


Why can’t they be both?

I also applaud the Knights for performing this service.


That sounds contrary to subsidiarity. The Knights, a local charitable organization want to help voluntarily, but you want us to send tax dollars to the federal government so that some soulless institution (whose primary mission is not assisting those in need) can do the work instead.

Perhaps it is because the Knights and ICE have very different ideas of what “the work” means. The Knights want to assist those in need. ICE wants to keep them out of our country. You are apparently much more sympathetic to the second work than the first.

Is there any effort by the Church hierarchy or laity to address the problems that bring these people to the border? What is the Church doing in Guatemala, Honduras, etc. that would make their lives better so they don’t end up in this situation? If, and I say if due to my abject ignorance, the Church isn’t doing anything about the problems in those countries then it would appear to many outside the Church, as well as within, that this might be more of a political statement than about showing compassion to the stranger. Especially since, if the only way they receive help from the Church is to show up in a caravan or at the border.


The Knights of Columbus were founded on the principle of Charity.
Charity can be measured in many ways.

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I don’t know specifically, but if you visited Guatemala I think you would find that the Church is doing all it can for the people.


The Bishops of Guatemala

Links to the Dioceses in Honduras

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