Knights Hid Holy Shroud, Vatican Says

** The Shroud of Turin, the 14 foot long linen cloth that many think was placed on Jesus Christ at the time of his burial, was hidden and secretly venerated by Medieval Knights for more than 100 years, the Vatican announced Sunday.
The Knights Templar, the religious order that existed for two centuries during the Crusades in the Middle Ages, took care of the cloth and kept it from falling into the hands of heretical groups, Vatican researchers said.
The cloth was kept between 1204 and the middle of the 14th century. The Shroud was moved to various European cities until it was aquired by the savoy dynasty in Turin in the 16th century. It became the property of the Vatican in 1983.
According to Dr. Barbara Frale, a researcher in the Vatican secret Archives, the Shroud had disappeared in the sack of Constantinople in 1204 during the fourth Crusade, and did not resurface again until the middle of the 14th century. And it’s this time period that the Vatican accounts for.
The Shroud is now kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy. It was last publicly exhibited in 2000, and is due to go on display next year.**

This is why I am so very proud to be Catholic. Not only did the Catholic church compile the bible and kept it safe and free from error, but it also protected the Shroud of Jesus Christ so that no one could harm it. There are many things the Catholic church has done for us and non-Catholic Christians, and I just hope that they realize this.

Since you brought up the topic of the Shroud of Turin, I’d like to add a bit to this.

If anyone ever goes down I-40 in the pan handle of Texas you can see a replica of the Shroud of Turin. It’s at exit 112 in Groom Texas. You can’t miss it as there is a very large Cross, (not a crucifix) standing near the Interstate. The Shroud is in the small building by the parking lot.

You will also be able to walk all the stations of the cross with Life size statues in place of each station.

There is also a replica (life size) of the tomb that Jesus was layed in.

It is truely an awsome site…and it’s Free to Everyone. There is even room to park an 18 wheeler. :slight_smile: For those of us who are Truck Drivers.

I don’t believe that it’s really the burial cloth. I wonder how many (what percentage) of Catholics and other Christians believe that it’s the real deal.

If it is the burial cloth it will show the blood stains in the places as described in the bible right?
Would we be able to get DNA from it?

The next string of questions i will leave for you …

PS be proud only in God, religions are not yet perfect.

What makes you say that it is not? The carbon dating was proved wrong because they took a sample of cloth that was added on in i believe the 15th century. Everything I have seen on the shroud…human hands could not have made it.

The shroud does show bloodstains. The blood on the arms from the wounds in the palm. The wounds on the head from the crown of thorns. The swollen face and broken nose from the beating by the roman soldiers. It fits PERFECTLY with the passion story.PS-it also shows the whip marks on the back from the scourging. Go to youtube and type in “Shroud of Turin”, lots of informative videos about it.

I will have look sounds real interesting. Maybe not at you tube as i find it hard to verify stories from there.

As to the carbon dating i am interested at what the second tests of the right cloth showed.

Some religious groups i dont think believe in carbon dating as it contradicts the literal interpretation of the creation story.

I dont think that Catholics have to believe it is a literal story any more so i guess they would have jumped at the chance of carbon dating.

One interesting thing though the bible tells of a Jewish man that got Jesus (pbwh) body and yet he disrespected him by not following custom on how to wrap a body but used a shroud.

God bless you all

Mark 15:46 states that Jesus was wrapped in linen. "The Greek verb used means ‘press in,’ “pack,’ ‘force in.’ Matthew and Luke obviously found the word somewhat unseemly and replaced it with one that means ‘envelop.’ But the clear implication of all three synoptics is that the material was bound tightly round the body.” 1 The Shroud of Turin shows an image made by simply lying a linen shroud on top of the front of the body, over the head and down the back.

Matthew 27:59: is ambiguous. It describes Joseph wrapping the body “in a clean linen cloth.” The “cloth” could have been broad linen fabric in the shape of the Shroud of Turin, or could have been in the form of narrow linen bandage(s).

Luke 24:12 says that Peter observed the “…linen clothes laid by themselves…” If Jesus had not been wrapped in linen strips, but had been enclosed by the Shroud of Turin, one would expect Luke to have written that Peter saw the “…linen cloth laid by itself…” And the NIV translation would not have mentioned "strips of linen."

John 19:40 indicates that Jesus burial was a normal one, following the Jewish traditions. Thus, Joseph of Arimethea would have washed the body. The body shown in the Shroud of Turin was not washed.

John 20:6 repeats the events recorded by Luke; he mentions that Peter saw “the linen clothes,” not the linen cloth.

John 20:7 makes a point of mentioning that there was a head covering – a napkin – as well as the (plural) “linen clothes.” This passage describes multiple clothes. It does not match the shroud of Turin which is a single panel of linen

You are proud that Roman Catholic knights sacked (killed and raped residents, looted churches businesses and homes) Constantinople, a Christian city (and not the first nor last Christian city that particular bunch attacked), and stole precious relics? Everyone knows the shroud was stolen.

You should be ashamed. :frowning:

This is nothing new. There have been books about this connection for decades.

But really, the Crusaders (among whom were the Templars) stole it from the Orthodox Church of Constantinople, where it had been venerated for centuries as the Icon Not Made By Hands.

I was then going to post the same thing but more politely.

How The RC church kept the shroud safe by sending a bunch of thugs (for that’s what the crusaders were) to burn down the city it was in is a mystery.

Couldn’t someone have created that?

People have faked all kinds of things. Why not the shroud?

This is true.

And the Catholic Church has not given a judgment on the Shroud yet.

I don’t think they kept it “safe” but more for leverage of power. Remember the KT were very wealthy and powerful at their peak.This is the same Catholic Church in which Pope Clement V issued Pastoralis Praeeminentiae giving all monarchs the right to arrest and seize the wealth of the KT. The majority were tortured into confession, some tried for heresy (among other things) and some executed. It would be interesting to see what the CC has to say about the cloth and whether carbon dating can pinpoint its age.

Can I get a source for this?

Here is a couple of links I found the other day.


I was just wondering if this information came from a reputable source based on some of the posts on this thread.

PPS…We worship God alone, but we are truly proud of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that Jesus gave us! We are proud of the Communion of Saints and the incredibly beautiful Traditions of the Church.

Do not make the mistake so many have made, by throwing away the beauty of the Body of Christ, the Church, with Christ as her Head, because of the weakness, sins and human failings of the Church’s members!

If a perfect, beautiful diamond is left in the care of an ugly, disfigured, hideous man, is it not still a perfect, beautiful, diamond?

Would you disregard Jesus because the Apostles He chose and taught were weak, abandoned and denied knowing Him during His Passion, and even betrayed Him?

Here’s a Shroud of Turin website with more info;

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


For those interested in the Shroud of Turin, go to for an extremely scientific and objective analysis. It is overwhelming!

Ashamed? My dear friend, you wouldn’t even have a bible if it weren’t for the Catholics. Furthermore, I don’t appreciate your put downs and your insults because you are not Catholic. I AM 100% PROUD TO BE A ROMAN CATHOLIC AND WOULDN’T WANT TO BE ANYTHING ELSE. Thank God for the Crusades or YOU WOULD BE MUSLIM. BTW, thank God for the Knights Templar who knew enough to protect the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. You have quite the nerve buddy…:mad:

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