Knights of Columbus add Over 200 Councils, Break Donation Record

Throughout the past year, the Knights of Columbus has fulfilled its mission through a strong defense of religious liberty and record-breaking amounts of charitable activity, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson announced.


One of the reasons that the Knights add councils is the disappearance of city councils, and the creation of parish councils.

If that were to happen in my small city, then 2 additional councils would exist.

On the reverse, I have seen parish councils merge as parishes merge.

Or, in the case of my council, a parish council that was struggling merged in with ours, even though the parish itself still exists. Almost the exact opposite of what you described.

It’s good to hear that the Knights are growing.

Good for the Knights!

My personal experience in my council is that young guys today aren’t much interested in the Knights. Most of our members are older guys and it’s very hard to get younger men interested in joining the Knights.

Our parish merged with another and so far our councils both operating. The state council would like us to not merge in order to keep both open still, but it’s kind of redundant.



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