Knights of Columbus launch 'Coats for Kids' program (CNA)

Washington DC, Jan 20, 2009 / 07:04 am (CNA).- On Monday the Knights of Columbus began to distribute thousands of coats to needy children through its “Coats for Kids” program.

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Brilliant! :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting this.

I could not get the link to work so here is another one.

Lots of people think we are a bunch of beer swilling guys or the guys in the funny hats who show up with the bishop at confirmations, etc. We are much more. Our local council gave more than $20,000 to charities last year and there are thousands of councils across America and the world. Tonight we are having a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for our local kids to go on a mission trip to a poor parish in the south. If you are a Catholic man who wants to do something good for you family, your community, the world and yourself I would like to encourage you to look in to joing us. :thumbsup:

I don’t think the Knights of Columbus are in Ireland but a similar organization exists in there, known as the Knights of Columbanus after the Irish saint Columbanus. Are you familiar with them? Here is their web

I read about them a while ago on wikipedia. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am not a catholic, but I appreciate the work organisations like this and charities like the SVP do for society.

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