Knights of Columbus: Leader Calls for Action in Abuse Crisis


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Knights of Columbus: Leader Calls for Action in Abuse Crisis

‘Many feel deeply betrayed by those whom they long held in high regard.’


Carl A. Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, has called for the organization to participate in the “repentance, reform and rebuilding of the Church.”

His call came in an August 21, 2018, letter to all member of the Knights in which he said: “Many feel deeply betrayed by those whom they long held in high regard.”

He cited the problem of clericalism and called for a full investigation and accounting of the failures of Church leaders, which he said is a global problem.

“There are many wonderful and faithful laborers in the vineyard of the Lord among our priests and bishops.

However, it is clear that in addition to devastating criminal acts, we have seen many other moral failings by clergy that represent a crisis of commitment to the Gospel.

“Too often the needs of victims have been subordinated to a distorted sense of mercy toward the perpetrators or an instinct for clerical self-preservation. The sexual acts — both criminal and non-criminal — highlight the need to recover a respect for and a renewed commitment to the priestly promises of celibacy.”

Anderson recalled the Knights’ long history of support for the Church and the leading role of the priest as head of a parish. However, he said his organization’s members “are painfully aware of the wreckage that ensues when elements of this leadership are abdicated by evil actions whether directly perpetrated or covered up”.

“Now, the Knights of Columbus — laymen, priests, and chaplains together — will have an important role to play in rebuilding the Church,” Anderson continued. “We must commit the Knights of Columbus to work for repentance, reform, and rebuilding of the Church.

“Repentance should include a full accounting of the misdeeds by those who have committed them.

Archbishop McCarrick and others at fault owe us a full account of their actions, motivation, and cover-ups.

After years of having us confess to them, it is now time for them to come clean about what they have done AND what they have failed to do.” . . .

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