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I am interested in joining the Knights of Columbus, but I have a couple questions because my wife is not Catholic. She’s a Protestant, but we were married in the Catholic Church. We had a beautiful ceremony concelebrated by both a Protestant Minister and a Catholic Deacon. We’re very respectful of each others’ beliefs and celebrate our Christian Unity. She often comes to church with me, and I often go with her. I go to Mass regardless of whether I attend her Church or not, and I don’t take communion in her Church. I want to be a Knight to deepen my own spirituality and to become more involved in my Church and Community. I believe I qualify as a “Practical Catholic” seeing as how our marriage has been blessed by the Church and I keep the sacraments. However, will some in the organization view me as “less than sincere” about my faith or be critical of my wife? Its very important to me that any organization I’m a part of in the Church help to build my spirituality and unity with my wife. I don’t want to create division.


“Some in the organization” are divorced, and some with good reason. Some have never married. Some have wives who are Catholic in name only. The chances are remote that they even care about your wife’s religious preference, and wouldn’t ask.

The Knights is a very good organization. Like any organization, some councils are full of good things and works, very fraternal. Some councils (a very few) have people problems. Most do not.

I would recommend that if you don’t like the first council, see if you can find another in your area. You do not have to join the one from your parish. My husband hated the one where he took his first three degrees. He said all they did was drink soda pop and talk Democratic politics. He switched councils.


I would go for it. It sounds like you two have a good understanding about your faith. This is your way of learning more about yours. Hope it works out for you.


No reason for you not to join us. Come on in. We can always use another pair of hands. Much of what the Knights do is fund raising for various evangelistic and charitable work.



By all means ask a Knight for a membership document. I am a member of Council #866 (a rather low number now days) and we have many knights who are single, married, etc. Yes, some of our members are married to non-Catholic wives, that does not prevent your membership in the Knights.

I have found that we welcome spouses who are not Catholic just as much as Catholic spouses. We even have a few join us during Rosary before the meetings. Of course some choose not to participate as we are a very Catholic organization, but that is also their choice. As long as you are a Catholic man doing your best to be a Catholic you would certainly be welcomed, and your wife would be welcomed to any events (other than degrees and meetings) that she wanted to attend (dinners, family events, pray groups, etc).

Deputy GK
Butler Council #866


He said all they did was drink soda pop and talk Democratic politics. He switched councils.

What :eek: SODA POP?!? No beer? :eek: I’d switch councils too :smiley:

Seriously, though, al2532, you sound like a better Catholic than a lot of the Knights I know. I would echo the sentiment that most would not mind, or even care, about the fact that your wife is not Catholic. As a brother Knight, I would welcome you into the organization, and recommend that you consider the Fourth Degree after you have been in for a year.

G.K. Council #1293


I am the wife of a past Grand Knight. The Knights of Columbus is a men’s organization. Your wife may be invited to go to dinners with youy or help with parish functions that are sponsered by the Knights but it’s up to you two to decide about that. Some areas may have more active “Lady Knights” groups but that has not happened in my neck of the woods.


Having a non-Catholic wife and sometimes going to Church with her, as long as you observe your Sunday Obligation IS NOT an impediment to joining the Knights. As an organization you would not be looked down upon or seen as less sincere…and I don’t honestly know any individual members who would react that way. We Knights are the guys you see in the pews…we’re not a crusading religious order, we’re a group of Catholic Gentlemen…

By the way…to the council that sits and discusses democratic politics…it that’s going on DURING a meeting…WRONG ANSWER…if it’s going on AFTER…no problem. My home council taps a keg and plays poker AFTER the meeting.


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