Knights of Columbus


… now a 1st degree.

In no hurry to be 2nd degree, but am I looking forward to helping the community. I likely will quietly try to help people see the truth in the faith, as I go about my duties. Nothing “in your face”, though.


Wonderful! :clapping:

You Knights of Columbus are awesome! We just attended a Christmas party, this afternoon… sponsored by the “KOC” for the elderly in our parish.

They cooked all the food, then they loaded a pick up truck outside, full of gifts for a local childrens home. I have nothing but admiration for the Knights. God bless all of you and Merry Christmas.


Congratulations! As you no doubt heard many times during your First Degree, you get out what you put in. Enjoy it, have fun with your brother knights and know that you are doing works of mercy when the need for mercy is greater than ever.


Congrats and welcome brother Knight! I joined back in 1992 and have been a 3rd degree forever. I’d like to be 4th degree but I’m just not too keen on wearing the tux, cape and hat. :cool: I encourage you to get up to 3rd degree and become and officer. Each council is only as good as it’s officers, and the officers only as good as the regular members. Each council I’ve been in have become second family to my own family. A truly rewarding and edifying fellowship experience.



Congratulations and welcome! I am a 4th degree Knight, and I love being a part of this orginization! Just remember, you will only benefit from being a Knight when you become active with your council. Find out if your council needs anyone to chair any special projects and volunteer!

Regarding the 2nd and 3rd degree, in my area these two degrees are usually done on the same day. I can say with confidence, that you will feel greatly rewarded by making your 2nd and 3rd degree!

Lastly, once you’ve been a Knight for a short time and you’ve gotten you feet wet, make sure you ask another man to become a Brother Knight. Bringing another man into Knighthood is also very rewarding, especially when you attend their 1st degree!


Congrats on your 1st degree and welcome.
KofC is such a great organization. DH just took his 4th degree in June.
BTW we are in Streetsville not too far from you:)


Welcome, Brother. :clapping:

No need to “hurry” to your 2nd Degree, but I hope you will not deliberately shy away from it either. :wink: I made my 1st Degree 9 short years ago, and don’t regret a day of it – Now I am 4th Degree and got a bunch of letters after my name. :smiley:

(And truthfully: Everyone remembers his 1st Degree and his 3rd Degree – I think the 2nd is a beautiful and under-appreciated ceremonial)

SK tee, DD, PGK


Streetsville, eh? As a kid, I played a lot of baseball against Clarkson! They was good!


Congrats brother knight!!! I joined 3 years ago and am a 3rd degree knight. I am would like to be a 4th degree soon. Hope you enjoy being a member of the world’s best organization.


Welcome all brother knights, and Merry Christmas. As per my login ID, I love being a knight. It defines a major part of who I am and what I do.

I’ve been a knight since 1995 and I spend a lot of time helping and running activities. It is by far the best organization in the world. The folks you meet in the knights are the folks you will see in Heaven, no doubt about it.

My motto is, " good Catholics make great knights and good knights turns out even better Catholics".

BTW not all 4th degree have to wear the cape and hat, only the color corps.


Just thought I would kick this thread back to the top.

I just received my 2nd and 3rd degrees this past weekend. It was a wonderful experience.

The Knights of Columbus is indeed the best organization in the world.


As you call tell from my login that I am not a Knight.

But please become a 4th Degree when you can. They attended my son’s First Communion. It was wonderful for the boys to see. It was wonderful for us too. :blush:


You cannot tell it from my login name, but I am just returned from my monthly council meeting. :smiley:

NB: As visible and sharp-looking as they are, no one is required to wear the cape and hat (You do have to wear a tux for the Degree Exemplification though). The cape and hat aren’t quite in my budget at the moment, but I did pick up a sword :knight2: for cheap on ebay. :smiley:
(While I feel it is a good and noble thing to give new use to a fallen brother’s sword, I’d feel funny wearing a dead guy’s hat :stuck_out_tongue: )

Do join the 4th Degree when you are able.

SK tee, DD, PGK


My 4th Degree Exemplification is coming up on March 7th. My father and I are doing it together and my grandfather is sponsoring us. It is going to be a long day, but it sounds like quite a bit of fun, and I’m quite excited.

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