Knights of Columbus

I was interested in finding out more about/possibly joining the K of C. I’ve checked out their website and was looking for some personal opinions. What can you guys tell me about their purpose, activities, joining, etc.

Hi Ken,

Regarding the purpose, the wording on the site is most accurate:

The Knights was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works.

As far as activities, it really varies by council. I’ve been in a few different councils in three states. I was also an agent for a little while (KofC has life and long-term insurance available for its members), so I sat in on other council’s activities and meetings. They can include (everyone does some of these…I doubt if anyone does all of these):
*]Breakfast fundraisers in the parish hall
*]Annual larger fundraisers - SausageFest, OktoberFest…somethingFest… :wink:
*]Wood cuts
*]Right to Life marches
*]Pray the Rosary before meetings (again…some, not all)
*]Color guard at parish events (these are the 4th degree Knights with the hats, swords, etc…not all 4th degree Knights are part of color guard) such as Corpus Christi.
*]Fellowship at the end of meetings - everything from playing cards to just having a couple snacks, maybe beer…
*]Invited speakers on various subjects (some councils)
*]Annual men’s retreat
*]Blood drives
[/LIST]I ended with etcetera, because I’m sure I missed a lot, and I’m sure there are activities I haven’t witnessed.

Councils have a monthly business meeting, which may underwhelm you. Some people expect them to be more of a religuous fellowship, but they are really a business meeting - planning events, voting on actions, etc.

Like most things in life, the Council is as active as its members want it to be. If you decide to join and find that your Council isn’t very big and/or doesn’t do much, then I would encourage you to help them become active. I have seen small, nearly inactive councils grow from 5-10 at a meeting to 30-40 at a meeting with a lot of activities, just because someone new got involved and brought some friends.

To join, just talk to a Knight at your parish (or at a nearby parish, if yours doesn’t have one). You will need to fill out a form. Eligibility is: Male, over 18-years-old, practical Catholic (

Vivat Jesus!

3rd Degree Knight - Council #2999

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