Knights of Malta


What does the org. do and how does one join?


The Knights of Malta are a repressive secret sect of the Catholic Church that seeks to do the devil’s work to destroy all that is good and decent in the world…

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Just like the KoC, the Knights of Malta get a bad rap from the wackos of the world (and probably more so because they are not as common, so wacky claims against the KoM are more likely to be believed). But they’re good folk with a long and distinguished history… see The Catholic Encyclopedia and this site that looked informative.


They must be good if they are from Malta…which is really the only TRUE fully Catholic country in the world…it’s like 98% Catholic…kind of like Quebec Canada which also has an extremely strong Catholic history.


I think they are like the KofC. I don’t know much about them but, one of the pastors in our area is a member and a couple of well respected parishiners are members. IF they were anything but on the up and up, I doubt any of these folks would be a part of it.



Contrary to popular belief, the Vatican is NOT the smallest sovereign nation in the world. The smallest is in fact SMOM, or the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Like the Vatican, it is an independent enclave completely surrounded by the City of Rome. Basically, it is the headquarters of the Knights of Malta, who are descendents from the Knights Hospitallers which date back to the Crusades.

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