Knight's Slaying Dragon's & Saving Princesses

Bringing this topic up as Doug Berry (founder of RADIX) had an interview on Catholic Radio. Wherefore he mentioned something lost. Where as boys we grew up imagining going on adventures, and slaying dragons. Now, that definite characteristic/trait seems drifting away. The warrior and valiant knight, seems lost; a legend.

This stirred a recollection in my heart, a deep desire I grew up with. When as a child, I grew up playing many RPG;s (i.e. Role Playing Games) on my video game console. Mainly titles as the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, and Chrono Trigger. Not only did I play these games, I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons. I used to read Star Trek fantasy novels as well. And had even gone to read a historical novel based on the War of the Barons, called, “Befalls the Shadow…” And then later pre-occupied myself with stories like Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Father Brown Mysteries.

Well, let me take a step back, in time. With the Dungeons and Dragons, I liked the imagination and story telling. Which is kind of like story telling, but kind of like Monopoly. In a way. But, when my friend started to get into magical spells and stuff, that ended it for me. However, there were fantasy novels that flowed from the Dungeons and Dragons theme. And those stories of Minotaurs, Dragons, Wizards, and Knight’s (i.e. Paladins.) I liked. The game I stopped because the game no longer was a game and fun. But got weird. Yet, I kept to the stories I could read.

That boy/knight is still in my heart. Though that is much storytelling and lore. The truths of virtue, heroism, love, and faithfulness, and even friendship still account in those stories then, as they do in the real world today.

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