Knitting in Adoration chapel

I am knitting a prayer shawl for my brother who is having a difficult time healing from the loss of his best friend. But it is so hard for me to find the quiet time at home without the distractions of family life. Is it appropriate for me to knit the prayer shawl while sitting in adoration?

I understand why you’d want to do that, but I think it could be very easily misunderstood. I wouldn’t do it.

Since it is now Advent, perhaps you can start a new family tradition of having dad and the older kids read aloud while you knit and youngers play quietly. We read through the original “A CHristmas Carol” this way several times. Reading a Saint’s life is another idea. My kids loved listening to them and there are several very good children’s versions (Windacott and Vision) that are still interesting to adults.

I will pray for your brother and for the repose of his friend’s soul.

I don’t see a problem with it. I think it can be rather powerful, your hands occupied doing something that takes skill but little thought. You could meditate or even silently contemplate the love of the Lord in that circumstance. (Do you like to think about the Lord while you’re knitting?)

And besides, since it is intended for use in worship to the Lord, I think it’s apropos.

It didn’t occur to me that other people might look askance at it but like the other poster mentioned, that might be a risk.


Somehow I could not help but think of Martha and Mary with one sister sitting at the feet of Christ while the other got dinner ready. I knot rosaries out of nylon cord and while I’m busy stringing and knotting I can only think about the rosary, how it will end up in the hands of some gritty uniformed recruit in a far-off land providing some spiritual comfort. In my own way, yes, I believe and have faith; with my hands I’m actually *doing *something to propagate the faith, helping the new evangelization.

Spending some quiet time with Jesus while knitting your prayer shawl echoes this sentiment.

I haven’t knotted a rosary before the Blessed Sacrament but maybe I should.


I do think about the Lord when I knit. And when I’m working on a prayer shawl, I try to weave in words of prayer for healing, protection and blessings.

My first thought was of prayer shawls.
While I have never crocheted (I don’t knit) while in an adoration chapel, I have also experienced the creative process as a form of prayer.

It seems like a fine idea to me!

I don’t know that there’s any problem with it, as long as you are in the chapel alone. I’m a knitter myself, and even with nylon needles which minimize the sound of knitting, the activity is distracting for a lot of people in the room for some reason. I also think that some people might be bothered simply by any activity that’s not rosary praying and the like.

Seems to me like you can talk to Jesus while you knit. I don’t see a problem.

I used to have that fixed by having a 2 am time, so I was almost always alone. I figure anybody hard core enough to be there at 2 am has something on their mind strong enough they aren’t going to notice my silent knitting needles. :wink:


I agree, but the problem is distracting other people. I’m a knitter too and I’m sypathetic, but some people are just busybodies about this kind of stuff. No need to get them going.

:thumbsup: Can’t imagine anyone visiting the Chapel finding fault. Likely some who wouldn’t think of spending time alone with the Lord might object.

Being an adorer on occasion myself, I see no problem with it at all.

I think it’s a lovely idea. Just make sure, as someone mentioned, you aren’t creating a distraction. I seem to always end up in adoration when the school children are brought in. I try to take joy in it, as I know the Lord does, but it can be very distracting.

As a knitter. I can’t think of a better place to make a preyer shawal! :thumbsup::slight_smile:

It’s an act of Charity and Love. I say no problem at all Debbie.

I see no problem with it at all I knit in ours sometimes as do some of the other women of the parish

Count me in with the “I don’t have a problem with that” crowd. (“Our side” seems to be winning :smiley: )

I would not worry about what anyone else may think. I knit and crochet and could easily do them at the chapel with no problems - very easy to “Pray” while doing that. I probable could not cross-stitch there since I would be stopping to change threads and look at my pattern but when I’m in my sewing room working I have a CD of the Rosary or the Divine Mercy playing so I get in my prayers that way too. I would think any wife and/or mother would not have a problem with it as we usually have to pray while working to get everything done in a day - doing dishes is another great time to pray. Unless you have someone who is there with you all the time and they complain I would not worry about it - just make sure you have enough to do for your hour without having to stop and read your instructions and it should not present a problem to anyone.

To pray with a prayer shawl knitted by hand in the Eucharistic presence of Jesus would be an amazing honor. To recieve such a thing would be a great gift.


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