Knocked Up

Has anyone seen this new movie?
If you have what do you think about it?

i think that, although it is a very adult movie (it EARNS its R-rating) the over all message was very refreshing.
Finally a movie that shows that pregnancy is beautiful and not a disease!

Becoming an unwed mother is a leading cause of poverty for single women in the United States. Pregnancy is not a disease, but so-called “one night stands” are.

God bless,

I decided not to view this movie because of the title. Irresponsible behavior such as unprotected pre-marital sex is not my idea of a good family movie.

However, this is America and if Hollywood makes these movies, people will flock to see it.:shrug: Although they won’t get my money!

I haven’t seen it and I won’t see it. I would not approve of such an immoral movie. That said, here is a Catholic movie review of this movie:

And then click on Knocked Up. It’ll open a popup window with a review of the movie.

Here is another movie review:

I don’t think anyone is suggesting it as a “family” movie. Nor is it advocating “unprotected pre-marital sex” (although I find it strange that a Catholic would add the “unprotected” part).

The film is showing the consequences of a one-night stand that real people deal with all too often. Having seen the film, the last thing I wanted to do afterwards was have unprotected sex. Still, I wouldn’t take children to it, and I’d think twice before taking a teenager.

FWIW, I would argue that there was a touch of an anti-abortion message in it.

I think it had a good message, but it was surrounded by too much filth. Kind of like having your cow swallow a diamond and then digging for it in the cow pie later. Some would say definitely dig, others would say, “Forget it.”

I would say, “How big a diamond?” Sorry, but I have debts.

I would also say, “Why did you let a cow swallow a diamond to begin with?”

Seriously I do hope that non-Christians and people who are accustomed to bad language and jokes will at least get the good message in the movie about pregnancy being a good thing. That way the film will have a good overall impact on society.

But I fear that the filthy language and crude humor will probably become even more “normal” now in society because of this movie. Yuck.

I guess if I had to choose, I would rather have a couple cuss and crack filthy jokes and choose life for their unborn child, rather than a couple who is refined in their language as they walk into the abortion clinic.

Actually, ideally the couple would be married, refined, and choose life, but you know that kind of good plot won’t have a chance of being made into a movie! Go see Bridge to Terabithia–it’s a great family movie–the couple has five children! And they go to church! Oh, my! Believe it or not, at least one reviewer called Bridge to Terabithia it “twisted version of family life that ignores the realities of teenagers growing up.” :eek:

I actually plan on seeing it, I like Katherine Heigl and my sister in law asked me to go to it with her. Obviously it is Not a family moving (thus the R rating) but I like the Sopranos and as an adult that is my right, I obviously would never let my kids watch these shows and I may disagree with many things in these shows but I am a strong enough person that I can watch a movie and see it for what it is " a movie" nothing in a movie is going to change who I am or my values, of course if someone can’t watch a movie without feeling that they need to change their lives because of that movie… most certainly they should not watch it.

hey ed,
being a product of a one night stand (I was the child of an unwed mother) I choose to respectfully disagree with you about life, in any form, being a disease. Although i went through some poverty as a child, at least my opinion poverty was a better choice than the alternative :eek:. Obviously, unwed pregnancy is no one’s first choice but, i think this movie did a good job of showing how God can take something ugly and turn it in to the most beautiful thing in your life!

God bless,


You didn’t read what I wrote. You are not responsible for the circumstances of your birth, your parents are. One night stands are a disease in a society that is constantly told by the media that sex with anyone and at any time is OK? Get it? One night stands are bad. People should not be controlled or led by their sex organs. But the point you may be missing is a barrage of messages from all media that says: “Wanna 'hook up”? Go for it.

The Catholic position must be that one night stands are to be avoided. That marriage is the only outlet for sexual relations, and that putting certain thoughts into your head (like, it’s all OK) will affect you to some degree. I don’t want to pay money to hear foul language and witness someone going through a situation that everyone should avoid.

God bless,

…I did read what you wrote and, i do agree with with you that one night stands are bad. Unfortunatly not all people are sinless (in fact, i think that none of us are). Everyone has made mistakes. I don’t think that the movie is about how glorious premarital sex is. In fact i think its about the opposite… its about how premarital sex is a mistake and it raises the question: what do we do with our mistakes? Do we run from them, try to forget about them or hide them or, do we accept them and allow God to turn them into something beautiful?

I admit that this is not a perfect movie (it earns its R-rating:( ) but i am glad that hollywood has at least made a movie that shows that the alternative to an abortion is beautiful!

God bless,

Hi, Wollie,

I just thought of something. What if the movie were “cleaned up” for TV? Would it still have the good message? That would be cool.

I’ve seen the original Blues Brothers, but the version I own is the “taped from TV” version with all the swearing “cleaned up.” It’s still a great movie, and I was able to watch it with my kids.

I do agree with you about the good message in the movie. I’m just concerned that there’s too much muck surrounding the good message. So maybe if it gets cleaned up, it would be more appealing to many people like me.

That’s still going on. TV shows with beeps over the dirty words, but you don’t have to be a lip reader to figure out what they’re saying. Some Hollywood directors did not like the idea of their movies being cleaned up.

The intent today is to make fornication and swearing “no big deal”, or “what’s the big deal”? The big deal is people are allowing themselves, and even paying money, to see people acting not like Catholics should act. I have cut back on so much “entertainment” over the years because I don’t need to see strippers, fornicators and lots of really dysfunctional people. I’ve taken up drawing as a hobby.

I was taught, no cussing or swearing, stay away from whores and prostitutes, treat young women with respect, dress modestly and be polite.

God bless,

From the review linked above:

The film contains constant rough and crude language, pervasive coarse sexual and scatological humor, unmarried sex, frequent drug use and drug references, condom use, abortion discussion, rear male and upper female nudity, explicit shots of childbirth, and some ethnic slurs. The USCCB Office for Film & Broadcasting classification is O – morally offensive.

Sounds like your typical romantic comedy.

Wow! Thanks for that. Definitely a must do not see.

God bless,

That of course is your choice:thumbsup:

As a Catholic, my heart is not drawn to such things and I’m taught to avoid them.

God bless,

Oh, please… I am just as much a Catholic as you… the Church does not state which movies we may or may not see… we are not in some cult that controls us, geesh. :hypno:


I liked Knocked Up. Thanks for setting up this post, Wollie.

It’s not a family movie: definitely. There is a strong anti-abortion message within it: definitely. There are some Christians who cannot fathom the possibility of a non-family movie with an anti-abortion message: definitely.

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