Knot/Cord Rosary Making


I used to make Knot/Cord Rosaries, and I would like to get back into it. There was a group that put out Color descriptions for different Rosaries, like Rosa Mystica or Our Lady of Guadalupe. Does anyone know where I might find this group, or descriptions?


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Don’t know if anyone answered you, but check the site- they have a lot of info on the cord rosary


I make rosaries for Rosary Army. There are complete directions, and we have several very nice people who hand-dye the twine, in a variety of colours.
You can’t go wrong with these folks. I am so privileged to be able to donate rosaries to their fine apostolate.


Thanks, I do have the cord and the directions. I really was looking for discriptions for the rosaries. The group that I was looking for had different colors and titles for the colors of each rosary they made. Titles like Rosa Mystica or St. Peregrine. Thanks for the help though!

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