Know any good DVDs on Confession

Anyone know of any good DVDs or longer videos on Confession? Something longer than some of the few-minute Youtube snippets. Thanks!

I don’t know of any DVD’s on the subject, but I have heard of an excellent book titled:

7 Secrets of Confession by Vinny Flynn

This one is 52 minutes. Father Corapi on how to make a good confession. I have the dvd and its good.

This is great, but I need one for catechesis and hesitate to use Fr. Corapi, even as superb as his talks were, only because a number of newer Catholics will be in the audience. Unless someone has a different opinion on my hesitation…

I haven’t actually watched these but I found them for you. Up to you to decide if they are any good or not. If you like any particular ones let me know and I will then watch it.

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