Know, love, and serve God


I have a really good friend, but one day she said that she dosn’t belive in God. That made me very sad. And to make matters worse, she’s not the only one.

 In my Confirmation class my teacher said that the reason we are on earth is to know, love and to serve God. So I pray that everyone will.


You have a lovely heart and mind. I ask Jesus to always keep you safely in His presence, and that you will always pray for those who have difficulty believing in Him.

“Amen” to your prayers for others, your family, and yourself.


How beautiful :slight_smile:
I will also pray with you!

God Bless,



Praying with you and for your friend. There are 4 reasons why God created us, not three. They are to Know Him, to Love Him, to serve Him, and most importantly to be with Him in heaven when we die.


God bless you and may your fervor for Christ be contagious!


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