Know of any books about investigated Catholic miracles?

I’m looking for books about Catholic miracles that have been investigated by secular investigators, with the investigation ending well for the miracles involved. Miracles such as Eucharistic, incorruptibles, visionaries, miracle of the sun, gold rosaries, etc, etc. I would like just one book with various Catholic miracles along with the positive conclusions of their secular investigations. Someone I know mentioned that they hadn’t heard of miracles having been investigated by secular professionals, nor of affirmative conclusions. It would be a book I would like to pass along :). Thanks!

I read a book years ago about Lourdes. There is a committee of doctors that determine if the cures are unexplainable. The doctors do not have to be Catholic; many of them are atheists. Many of them were converted after they were not able to explain the miracles of Lourdes. There are many healings at Lourdes. The ones that get listed as miracles are the ones where there is no medical explanation. There is a library at Lourdes which contains all the medical evidence for the miracles that took place there. Maybe someone else will know the name of the book.

Oh yes, please. That sounds very interesting and I would love to know!

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